Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

Early Learning Specialist Classes

Perceptual Motor Program and Sports Program 4 Year Old Classes

Children participate in a variety of experiences designed to enhance their gross motor skills, body awareness and control of their movement. They also learn about cooperation and participation. The Perceptual Motor Program helps children to develop their strength, hand eye coordination, balance and whole body movement. It benefits academic, social and emotional skills as children develop control, confidence and self belief.

Library 3 and 4 Year old classes

Developing an appreciation of books and enjoyment in listening to stories is the emphasis of the Library Program in the Early Learning Centre. The joy of reading and storytelling is celebrated using books, puppets, rhymes and through role play. The children are encouraged to choose books to borrow on a weekly basis and to show care and responsibility for those books. Reading Library books with your child is an important way of showing that you value stories, it also helps them to develop a positive attitude towards books and reading more broadly.

The creative arts program 3 and 4 Year old classes

The Creative Arts Program provides opportunities for self expression through a variety of mediums – Music, Art, Movement. The children learn together in both small and large groups, engaging with the creative, visual and performing arts.