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Years 7 & 8

Research shows that gender difference begin to have an impact on girls in their middle years of schooling. In your daughters middle years she will enjoy not just equal opportunity, but will thrive in the abundance of exciting learning choices. Our world class learning programs, set in an ideal, healthy environment, are the keys to your daughter's transformation into a confident and highly capable young women.

Multi-disciplinary learning

Your daughter will be immersed in the spirit of Toorak College education. She will benefit from the dedication and expertise of specialist subject teachers and enjoy working on integrated projects that draw the threads of learning together.

Personal growth and wellbeing

In Years 7 and 8, girls develop a sense of self and the group. Our teaching teams and tutors focus on the growth and wellbeing of students alongside their academic progress.

Using technology to enhance learning

Toorak College recognises that girls entering Year 7 are already technologically capable. Our 1:1 Laptop Program aims to enhance students' skills and empower them to:


During the transition phase, we aim to help your daughter feel connected to the school, her teachers and her peers. To ensure a smooth transition into Senior School, each Year 7 and 8 student is assigned a dedicated tutor to monitor her academic progress and personal wellbeing. Your daughter will have the opportunity to attend our Year 7 Orientation camp where she will enjoy developing new friendships.

Please contact us to find out more about the outstanding Years 7 & 8 Learning Program and download the Learning Program Information.