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Beyond Boundaries

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Our Year 9 students have returned from their Beyond Boundaries adventures where they had the opportunities to experience India, Laos, Malaysia and Indigenous Australia.  

'Throughout the day, the terrain changed quite drastically. It went from green forests and downhill slopes, to smooth and blissfully flat road. Closer to the end of the day, we found ourselves hiking over the spur of the mountain, trying (and in my case, failing) not to slip off the edge. The views from the spur were incredible.'  Hannah C (India)

'We have been sitting on a rooftop restaurant watching kites fly around is and the sun set on the Taj Majal. Needless to say it was a magical night.'  Team 2 (India)

'We (then) walked to the highest point in Kununurra known as Kelly's Knob, it is the most famous landmark in Kununurra. When we reached the top we performed a special ceremony called "Rustic Ties". During this ceremony we gave each other leather bracelets so that we could always remember the fantastic memories we have made on this trip. We then watched the amazing sunset before making our way back down.'  Jess and Maddie L (Indigenous Australia)

'Your stories will tell only part of what we experienced - how do you capture what it felt like to sleep in hammocks in 35 degree heat amongst all those bugs! Or to share laughter and fun times with beautiful young children, from a small Laos village who we have very little common with, but make you feel so special.' Laos team

'The past two weeks have flown by and have been filled with every emotion possible. We feel that beyond boundaries has showed us how we can cope in a completely different environment without everything that we cling onto for comfort. Being in Malaysia has been a great experience that we all know we will take with us for the rest of our lives.' Maddy and Ruby (Team 1, Malaysia)  

'We walked to a Portuguse Settlemant site which held so much rich history for us to explore and we couldn't believe how old the architecture was, dating back to 1511! The view from St. Paul's Church was breathtaking and we saw a 180 degree view of Melacca's old buildings and the sea.' Rachel and Izzy (Team 2, Malaysia)


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