Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

Prep To Year 2

Nurturing curiosity and exploration

Prep-to-Year2-Tile.jpgAt Toorak College, during the foundation years of Prep to Year 2, we focus on nurturing the natural curiosity in each child. We encourage children to question and explore the world around them.

Hands on exploration

Young children learn and deepen their understanding of concepts through hands on discovery. We believe our role is to embark on the child's journey, while providing clear instruction, responding to needs and facilitating learning, to ensure the development of key skills.

The joy of learning

Through discussion, investigation and collaboration, children experience the joy of learning. Literacy and Numeracy investigation is combined with child centred learning.

Tailored to your child's needs

Children learn in different ways, and our teachers are highly skilled in identifying the individual needs of each child. We have flexible teaching practices that facilitate individual self-expression.

Please contact us to find out more about the Early Years Learning Program or download the Early Years Learning Program.


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