Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

Years 3 & 4

Fostering collaboration, independence and resilience


In Years 3 and 4, we encourage children to become independent, responsible and organised inside and outside of the classroom.

Our program inspires children to explore a complex, changing world. Through individual and collaborative learning, we help them develop strong academic, social, self-management and leadership skills.

Outdoor activities 

Year 3 students embark on their first overnight 'adventure experience' at Camp Manyung, where they are encouraged to take risks in a safe and supportive environment. By Year 4, students are ready for a two-night exploration of the precious habitat in the unique environment of Phillip Island.

Digital learning

In Years 3 and 4, students increase their focus on Information and Communications Technology in preparation for the 1:1 Laptop Program in Year 5.

Music to stimulate the mind

Year 3 students are part of the Wardle House Instrumental Strings Program (WHISP), where they receive string instrument tuition and perform as a group. All students are members of the Cherubine Choir, performing at school and public events.

Please contact us to find out more about Early Years Learning Program or download the Early Years Learning Program.