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Beyond Boundaries

Building Invaluable Life Skills

image.php?size=web&imageID=161From Year 2 onwards, Toorak College students participate in a progressive outdoor education program called Beyond Boundaries.

This outstanding off site program helps students develop important life skills such as leadership, initiative, decision-making, communication and problem solving.

“I will always remember these amazing  experiences”

How Your Child Will Benefit

Beyond Boundaries challenges students to step outside of the familiar classroom environment and engage in experiences not typically encountered on traditional school camps or family holidays.

The unique program gives students the chance to:

Australian Journeys

During our Australian journeys, students are encouraged to reflect on the beauty of their country’s natural surroundings while engaging in challenging outdoor activities. Students also begin to truly understand how their decisions and actions impact on our environment.

International Journeys

image.php?size=web&imageID=162During our international journeys, students are encouraged to become socially conscious, empathetic and globally minded citizens. They explore communities different to our own learning to appreciate their unique sets of attitudes, values, goals, and practices.

Types of outdoor activities

If you’re looking for a school that embraces tradition, open mindedness and individuality, then discover what Toorak College has to offer.

Please contact us for more information about our Beyond Boundaries programs at Toorak College.