Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

School Heritage

Our Early Beginnings

17 ID.jpg1874 - Toorak College opens as a boys’ school in Douglas St, Toorak (Principal was Mr John Stevens Miller).

1918 - Toorak College relocates to Mayfield Ave, Malvern and is by now a girls’ school.

1928 - Following threatened closure, Toorak College moves to Mt Eliza and a school company is formed.

“Buildings are named after past significant people who contributed to the school”

The 1950s

1957 - Wardle House established.

The 1960s

1960 - Norman Carson Library (named after Sir Norman Carson) is opened by Viscountess Dunrossil

1965 - Mary Herring Hall opens in honour of Dame Mary Herring

1968 - Science block opens.

The 1970s

1972 - Boarding house is opened by Governor of Victoria, Sir Rohan Delacombe

1972 - The Chapel is dedicated.

The 1980s

1981 - Arts and Crafts Centre is constructed

1982 - Boarding House is extended and named Joan Ansett Hall after Lady Ansett

1982 - Music school is established with an extension to Mary Herring Hall

1984 - Jean Robinson Oval is sown and wilderness is removed

1986 - New Computer Centre opens

1989 - Marjorie Williams Centre opens and time capsules are inserted while under construction (1988).

The 1990s

1992 - Laptop Computer Program is introduced (extended to include Year 7 students in 1996)

1994 - Wardle House Preschool is established.

The 2000s

2000 - Bardon House opens and new facilities are introduced at Wardle House (Charles St closes)

2002 - Archives Centre opens in the Norman Carson Library

2004 - Diving pool and Café Pavilion opens and Dining Room is refurbished

2004 - Early Learning Centre opens (for 3-4 year olds)

2007 - New classrooms open at Wardle House (for Years 5 and 6).

The 2010s

7.1 ID.JPG2010 - Memorial Block Mosaic is complete

2010 - Bardon House Rose Garden opens

2011 - Norman Carson Library is reopened by Joanna Murray–Smith

2011 - Music Centre is opened by James Morrison.