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From The Principal

New Heads10.jpgDiverse Educational Offering

Toorak College offers the best possible educational start to your child's future. Education is about so much more than academic achievement, it is about developing the whole person. At Toorak College we develop an individual’s capacity to have confidence in themselves and their decisions, to have the resilience to learn and grow from mistakes and adversity, and to find passion in whichever endeavor they choose to pursue.

We welcome girls and boys from Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 4. Our youngest students see the benefits of a head start on their ability to reason, inquiry and discover. They develop a love of learning and develop social relationships and character strengths that prepare them to succeed in life, not just school.

We are committed to girls only education from Year 5 – 12. Our Middle and Senior School students thrive in an environment that best suits their development – personalised, challenging and empowering.

Girls' schools are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the young women of today who will become all that they aspire to be tomorrow. Girls excel in a girls' School. 

“Toorak makes me ready”

Teaching and Learning

Every stage of schooling is integral to the development of an individual.

My passion for education ensures continual evolution of the learning experience so that our students are best prepared for the constant evolving future that stands before them. We encourage students to take risks in their learning and to use their mistakes as an opportunity for their own personal growth.

We believe in excellence in every pursuit and encourage our students to have the confidence to set their sights high and to dream. Our teachers are passionately dedicated to their students and helping them to reach their potential.

Our school consistently achieves strong academic results at all levels and in all subject areas. Small class sizes, world class technology, strong bonds and outstanding facilities are also what make Toorak College one of Victoria’s leading independent schools.

Toorak College Graduates

Toorak College VCE graduates stand out. They are spirited, well-rounded and resilient young women. As adults, they continue to strive for their personal best and pursue their passions with confidence. Toorak College also imparts a strong global outlook that stays with our students for a lifetime. I am very proud of our long standing reputation of producing top graduates for the past 142 years.

Share the Toorak College Spirit

I welcome you to our school. The diversity and breadth in our program means that every student can shine at Toorak College. We know this is a place where you can ‘Be Brilliant – Be You’. 

Please contact us to find out more.

Kristy Kendall, Principal


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