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Celebrating 140 Years

Tradition, Belonging, Spirit

Inspiring stories from Toorak Collegians

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In 2014 we celebrated 140 years of achieving excellence and inspiring lives. Toorak College produced a collection of stories from our Toorak Collegians.

We are humbled by their success, often in the face of adversity and take great pride in the calibre of  our graduates. 

It is salutary to read how many Toorak College girls have succeeded nationally and internationally in just about every area of endeavour, including academia, sport, the arts, commerce and philanthropy, and how many have made significant contributions to their communities.

We now the torch up-raising do pledge, O School, that we will guard the flame they gave us for others yet to be. (Collegians song)

If you are interested in having your own copy of this inspirational publication please contact us.