Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

Vision, Mission & Values


Achieving excellence, inspiring future lives.


5 ID.jpgWe lead excellence in education and provide innovative learning opportunities for individuals, to strive to achieve their ambitions in a connected, welcoming environment.


“At Toorak College I can be inspired”

Guiding Values

8 ID.jpgLearning

We recognise that learning is the primary purpose of the School and as such, all members of our community engage in developing their intellectual, creative and physical talents.

We encourage curiosity and participation and we celebrate achievement. We believe the joy and challenge of ongoing learning is fundamental to life.


We seek to foster in our students and staff the courage to imagine and the confidence to be courageous. We accept challenge and recognise that with relevance, comes change.


We aim to behave with integrity in our relationships with those in our own and the wider community. We believe integrity is at the core of how others see us and as such, seek to be honest, fair and accountable in the decisions we make and in everything we do.


We believe that genuine satisfaction is only achieved through great effort and a commitment to achieving one’s personal best.

Leadership Through Service

We believe that all people have the capacity to develop the qualities of leadership. Through emphasising that leadership is not a reward, but rather a responsibility that is centred on serving others, we encourage our young people to make a positive contribution to the School and later, to the wider community.