Toorak College | 1874 Mount Eliza

School Structure

School Executive

Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall
Deputy Principal Ms Liana Gooch
Head of Senior School Mrs Diane Furusho
Head of Wardle House Mrs Mandy Whitworth
Director of Business Mr Anthony Steer
Director of Development Ms Georgia Symmons

Senior Management

Coordinator of Daily Organisation Mr Andrew Williams
Head of Studies Mr Steve Hubbard
Head of Curriculum  Mrs Fiona Wines
Head of Joan Ansett Hall Ms Caralyn Dea
Director of ICT Mrs Judy Burriss

Wardle House Management

Deputy Head of Wardle House and PYP Coordinator Ms Kim Wheeler
Head of Early Learning Centre Ms Patricia Barbieri
Head of Foundation Years (Prep-Year 2) Mrs Naomi Linssen

Heads of Year Level

Year 7 Mrs Kim Aliotti
Year 8 Mrs Natasha Lazarus
Year 9 Mrs Lisa Hamilton-Smith
Year 10 Mrs Kelly Robertson
Year 11  Mrs Linda Howey 
Year 12 

Ms Julie Young

Heads of Faculty

Drama Ms Emma Jensen
English Ms Kylie Nealon
e-Learning Mr Phil Carew
IELC Mr Mark McAuliffe
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Mrs Lee-Anne Marsh
Humanities and Commerce Miss Micah Jones
Languages Mrs Sylvia Deuschle
Learning Support Mrs Justine Saleeba
Library Ms Megan Davies
Mathematics (acting) Mr Daniel Budzisz
Music Mrs Jayne Turner
Science Mr Matthew Arnott
Sport Ms Kirsten Thomson
Visual Arts Mr Dailan Hatherley

“Many leadership opportunities”