Our Results

Toorak College has a proud track record of achieving outstanding results and regularly achieves the best academic results on the Mornington Peninsula. The combination of small class sizes, state-of the art facilities, quality teachers and an idyllic bayside setting provides the ideal environment for our students to achieve their best.

Outstanding 2020 NAPLAN Results

NAPLAN results reveal that Toorak College has achieved record results and seen significant gains in state rankings. The purpose of NAPLAN is to showcase fundamental skills that should develop to ensure academic growth in an individual. Toorak College has moved to rank 39th place of all Victorian primary schools and 25th place of all Victorian secondary schools.

Toorak performed significantly higher in state and national averages in:

Year 3 – Reading, Writing, Grammar and Numeracy

Year 5 – Reading, Writing, Grammar and Numeracy

Year 7 – Reading, Writing and Grammar

Year 9 – Writing

With a priority on small class sizes, personalised learning and outstanding data tracking systems of students’ academic progress, Toorak can see that its students are actively engaged in all areas of fundamental skills of numeracy and literacy. These vital skills will allow them to springboard into sophisticated forms of inquiry and investigation in their applications of real-world learning.

Toorak College principal, Mrs Kristy Kendall, was ecstatic with the results “We’ve been working for several years,” she said. “We all had little tears in our eyes when the results were announced. The validation is great.” Mrs Kendall said she put the success down to focusing on skills development over content. “We develop students’ abilities to inquire, to organise information in the brain,” she said. “It will serve students well through the rest of their lives.” Mrs Kendall added.

Congratulations to Class of 2019

Toorak College girls have soared to record heights in their VCE results with 43 percent achieving ATARs of 90 or higher, placing them in the top 10 percent of the country.

13 percent of students received an ATAR score of 98 or above, placing them in the top two percent of the country, while 23 percent achieved an ATAR score of 95 or higher.

There was not a department in the school that did not achieve sensational results, which is a true testament to a team coming together. The top performances came from Languages, Global Politics, Science, Mathematics, History and the Arts.

The 2019 DUX was Christine Ng, achieving an ATAR score of 99. The DUX Proximus was Alexia Kirchmann who received an ATAR score of 98.85.

Toorak College Principal, Mrs Kristy Kendall, said the scores are a reflection of the hard work and commitment of the students and staff along the girls’ entire academic journeys.

“Our students truly soared beyond their expectations this year,” said Mrs Kendall. “We are thrilled at the prospect of our girls entering the world with not only academic excellence under their belt, but also to be equipped with the relevant tools, skills and confidence to thrive in their future.”

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