Founders Day

I will always treasure our first celebration of Founders Day in 2014. Commemorating our School's history with the community was a very special day to be a part of from my perspective as a Toorak Collegian, a parent and a staff member.

On Saturday 14 April 1928, Lady Somers, wife of the State Governor laid the foundation stone that marked the new beginning of Toorak College in Mount Eliza. In 2014, as part of our 140 year celebrations we chose to honour the early beginnings of our School with the inaugural Founders Day dedication. Now celebrated as an annual event, Founders Day is an important commemoration on the Toorak College calendar.

Lady Somers laying the stone (1928)

Lady Somers, having set the foundation stone in place with her silver trowel and blackwood mallet, responded, praising the college authorities for 'obeying the modern urge to leave the city and seek the country where there is beauty and quietness'.

140 Year Anniversary (2014)

As part of the School's 140 year celebrations, students and staff walked through the streets from Mount Eliza village to the School, proudly waving banners.

What is 'Blossom'?

As part of Founders Day, we welcomed Collegian Angela Grutzner (class of 1951) back to the School to share with the history of ‘Blossom’ a malle root adopted as School mascot during her time at Toorak College.

Mrs Kendall’s Induction as 16th Principal of Toorak College (2016)

'Mrs Kendall had a ceremony because she is the Principal of our school.'
Safia (Prep 2016)

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