Our Crest and Motto

Three white daisies on a golden ground looking up towards the sun. These flowers symbolise purity and modesty, and their faces are ever looking heavenward.

Miss Ellen Pye, Principal of Toorak College from 1898 to 1907, chose the crest of three white daisies and Latin motto ‘in labore quies’ meaning ‘in work is the true rest of life’.

The crest has been refreshed to also feature our proud establishment date of 1874, and still features the three daisies and our motto, which we continue to live by to this day.

As part of our Principal's Induction in 2016, each student received a daisy plant, reflective of our School emblem. Now every new student receives a packet of daisy seeds upon joining Toorak College. Our wish is that our students plant their daisies, that goodness and humility grow within each of them and that they serve as a reminder to tilt their heads to the sun, and be proud and confident of the people that they have become.

To find out more about the history of Toorak College visit Our Heritage.