Our Teachers

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

It’s been said that teachers affect eternity. Great teachers stay with us all our lives. Their words resonate well beyond the classroom, becoming the quiet mentors as we traverse life’s unpredictable adventures. We rely on their expertise and guidance to ignite our passion for learning, to challenge our thinking, shaping our view of the world and fuel our dreams for the future. At Toorak, our teachers are passionate and committed to sharing their expertise with your child.


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What our teachers say

'Teaching to me is all about the sparks. The sparks I get and I see the students get, when we are learning together. It is exciting when new ideas arise in the classroom and we just go for it.'
Mr Gary Thomas, Wardle House Teacher

'Life as a teacher begins the day you realise you are always a learner. I am always enormously proud to tell others that I work at Toorak College.'
Mrs Naomi Linssen, Head of Foundation Years, Wardle House

'I love teaching because education is the gateway in which I can help my students on their way to greatness, whatever that may be. It is a career with great purpose and satisfaction. As a teacher I have the opportunity to touch the lives of my students and contribute to making their future one that is bright and productive as they explore their gifts and talents.'
Miss Christina Schiano, Senior School teacher

'I love the moment when you see a student achieve that difficult passage of music they've been working on, when a student is a risk taker and they perform for the class or the moment in a concert when they look out to the audience and they have a big smile and proud expression on their face. They are the moments when you think to yourself, why would I do anything else?'
Ms Monica Royal, Music Teacher, Wardle House