Situated on the coastline of Melbourne's picturesque Mornington Peninsula, Toorak College's bay views and state-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal learning environment for your child. As a leading school for over 145 years, we are proud of our heritage, attuned to our ever changing world and focused on ensuring an exceptional education for future generations. 

Toorak College is an independent school from Early Learning to Year 12, with on-site boarding facilities. We are proudly co-educational from Early Learning until Year 4 and from Year 5 to Year 12 we take a girls only approach. 

Our school is dedicated to the holistic development of students and nurtures and supports their interests, empowering them through academic and personal growth so they thrive in their future. Small class sizes, innovative programs, quality teaching and state-of-the-art resources allow students the opportunity to achieve their best in whatever field they choose.

Our school is the right size. Small enough for individual care but large enough for broad subject and co-curricular offerings in leadership, sport, music, arts, dance, drama and more.

Toorak College graduates stand out as spirited, confident and resilient. As adults, they continue to strive for their personal best and pursue their passions with confidence enriched by the head start they are provided with.

Fast Facts

Principal:Mrs Kristy Kendall.
Location:Mount Eliza, Mornington Peninsula.
Co-educational: Co-educational: Early Learning - Year 4 / All-girl approach: Year 5 - Year 12.
Ranking: Within the Top 50 schools in Victoria. Ranked No. 1 on the Mornington Peninsula.
Number of students:Approximately 830 from ELC - Year 12 FTE
Class size:Average class size of 17.
Establishment:1874 at our first site in Toorak. In 1928 the school moved to Mount Eliza.