Learning English

Toorak College has long been the leader in international education in Australia and was one of the first schools in the country to set up an English Language Support Centre. Toorak College is currently the only girls' school is Victoria to have language support on campus. 

Toorak College has taken its decades of expertise in English Language Acquisition for school students and created a revolutionary model of immersive language acquisition for all international students.

Toorak College supports students with their language acquisition by working with each student prior to their mainstream class and front loading them with the vocabulary, definitions and knowledge required for the class. Students are then easily able to follow the mainstream teacher and classroom activities, giving them more confidence to participate in the class and accelerating their learning and language acquisitions rapidly.

Toorak College deeply understand the needs of international students and the way in which they acquire language, as well as the need for each student to build confidence in speaking, learning and living in an English environment. 

Toorak College's Unique Blended Approach

Toorak College students access mainstream classes from day one and they always have the support of the onsite English Language Support Centre until their graduation.

This unique blended learning model accelerates their academic and personal growth.

Discover what life is like at Toorak College by downloading our Boarding Experience Brochure. 

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Cta 2 Toorak College Boarding