Collegian Events

Toorak Collegians have the opportunity to attend a number of special Collegian specific events as well as whole school Toorak Community events throughout the year.

Annual Toorak Collegian Events

10, 20, 30, 40 Year Reunions

Once a year on a Saturday in May, 10, 20, 30 and 40 year reunion groups come together to celebrate. The format of this special event includes welcome drinks on the Cloisters lawn, a school tour and lunch in the Mary Herring Hall.

One Year Reunion

Graduates from the prior year are invited back to Toorak College to celebrate their one year reunion over drinks on the Cloisters lawn in December of each year.

Wilderness Shield

Traditionally held on a Friday afternoon/evening in February, the Wilderness Shield sees current year 12 students play off against Collegians across a range of sports. The event finishes with dinner, drinks and the shield presentation.

Toorak Collegians Annual General Meeting

Each May, Toorak Collegians are invited to the School to attend the Toorak Collegians Committee AGM. The AGM provides attendees with a snapshot of the Committee's progress throughout the prior year and sees the appointment of Committee Members elected.

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