To empower is to give someone the freedom to become stronger, more confident and to extend themselves and make their mark in the world.

There is nothing more important to us than empowering our students to have access to opportunities and resources so they can pursue their passions and influence the direction of social change, nationally and internationally. Our new Community and Arts Precinct will provide the launching pad for our future leaders, our future performers, our future entrepreneurs and our future global citizens. This is where the legendary Toorak spirit will take flight.

If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.
Emile Zola

Community & Arts Precinct

Explore the Community & Arts Precinct in this walk-through video.

Igniting our school spirit
Our world stage
Honouring our heritage

Igniting our school spirit

Replacing the Mary Herring Hall, this vital multi-use facility will be increased in size and functionality to fit our growing school and will allow us to come together. The Toorak College Community and Arts Precinct will showcase Toorak College's performing arts and musical talent in a state-of-the-art, theatre-style facility that promotes confidence, collaboration, and creativity among students, staff and guests under one roof. With the ability to bring the entire Junior and Senior School together for assemblies and special events, this new facility will also allow Collegians to return to continue their life lifelong connection to the school. The precinct will ignite spirit between students from the very beginning of their Toorak College journey.

Our world stage

The Toorak College Community and Arts Precinct will be a place where significant moments are created. From the stage of this world-class facility, students will graduate, leaders will be inducted, Houses will come together to compete, and the community will gather to witness special moments and cheer on their loved ones.

We will provide unique opportunities to our graduates, prioritising pathways for our collegians beyond the gates of Toorak, be it futures in the Arts, the Political arena or the use of this facility to inspire our Chief Marketing Officers and Entrepreneurs. This space will launch their futures.

Honouring our heritage

With a near 150 years of rich history in our past, at the heart of our school is our people and our stories. Our heritage is a source of immense pride within our community; it forms our identity and we take inspiration from it to help our future. The Toorak College Community and Arts Precinct will allow us to bring this history to life through the establishment of dedicated display areas throughout the building.

Today we are poised at a most significant moment in the life of the school and we look forward to partnering with you to bring our exciting plans to life.

Lighting A Spark For The Arts

The performance arts have always held a special place in our school's history from inspiring students who go on to be world class musicians, dancers, actresses and play wrights, to fostering a lifelong love of creative pursuits.

Features of The Community & Arts Precinct

- A proscenium arch stage and state of the art acoustics for enhanced musical and dramatic performance impact.

- Flexible and retractable seating for versatile performance spaces (up to 800 seat auditorium, 200+ seat function space, theatre in the round or catwalk functionality)

- Full theatrical wings, loading dock and access for small or large group performances.

- Multi-purpose classroom, function and exam spaces, with consideration for ever evolving learning environment demands.

- A large entry foyer, showcasing the proud history of our school through archival display.

- A full working kitchen to cater for the space for use of functions, school events or corporate or community events.

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