Fees & Scholarships

The decision to invest in a private school education for your child is an important one and we thank you for considering Toorak College. 

The future calls for educators and parents to focus on developing students who are self-directed, innately curious and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to find their way in the world. At Toorak College, we meet this challenge head-on by providing an environment designed to develop vibrant, inquiring minds. With world-class facilities, expert teachers, personalised learning programs and a broad and dynamic curriculum, we offer your child the very best learning experience which is complemented by wellbeing initiatives and extra-curricular opportunities that ensure every student shines bright. 

Find out more about the Toorak Advantage here.

Please view our Schedule of Fees to learn more about our fees and our sibling discounts.


Toorak College encourages students to dream big, set bold goals and expect big things of themselves. Our approach to girls' only schooling from Year 5 offers every girl the opportunity for leadership, participation and a voice.

In reflection of the School Mission, Toorak College offers a range of scholarships for girls in order to help inspired students reach their full potential. Scholarships enrich our school and support students to follow their dream.

Details of our 2024 Scholarships, which will run in September 2022, will be released early in 2022. 

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