I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.

At Toorak, we believe that learning Music is not just about acquiring new skills. Learning to play an instrument fosters creativity, collaboration and improves cognitive function. It enhances other academic study, with a strong correlation between VCE and NAPLAN scores with music tuition.

Music education creates a strong sense of community and encourages the pursuit of excellence, with no divide between the Junior School and Senior School. It is about giving students a chance for their creativity to shine and develop their identities as individuals.


There are many opportunities for students to perform in various groups throughout the year, starting with our Wardle House Orchestra in Years 3 to 6. Motivated by the desire to perform well as an orchestra or ensemble, our students learn to work together harmoniously, committing to studying the music and attending rehearsals to achieve a common goal.

The Music Centre

Opened in 2011 by legendary jazz musician James Morrison, our state-of-the-art Music Centre has 14 modern rehearsal rooms, 11 individual lesson rooms, with spaces for performances, ensembles, as well as composing and recording using the latest technology.

Music tuition available

Toorak College offers extensive tuition for the following:

  • Guitar­  -  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Brass - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn and Tuba
  • Keyboard­  -  Electric Keyboard, Pianoforte
  • Percussion­  - Drum Kit, Orchestral Percussion
  • Strings­  - Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Violin, Harp
  • Woodwind­  - Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone
  • Voice
  • Theory and Musicianship

Music groups and ensembles

Grace Notes Choir (Year 8–12)Brass Ensemble (Year 5–12)
Concert Band (Year 7–12)Sinclair Chorale (Year 7–12)
Serenata Choir (Year 5–8)Guitar Group (Year 5–12)
Sisters of Swing (Jazz Group) (Year 7–12)Flute Choir (Year 5–12)
Contemporary Band "Off The Stave" (Year 7–12)Big Bad Ruckus (Percussion Group) (Year 5–12)
Toorak College Quartet (Year 7–12)Boarders Band (Year 7–12)
String Orchestra (Year 7–12)Zephyr Band (Year 5–12)
Symphony Orchestra (Year 7–12)Wardle House Choir (Years 5 & 6)
Benedetti Strings (Year 3–6)
String Theory (Year 7–9)
Year 3/4 Choir