Performing Arts

Toorak College students have many opportunities to perform throughout the year in an open, supportive environment. Performing to an audience enables our students to explore their creative selves, build confidence and shine, which complement other areas of academic study.


Drama enables students to use their imagination, explore talents and develop robust communication skills. Our drama performance calendar gives Toorak College students many opportunities to perform throughout the year. Highlights include our Year 6 production, middle years and senior years productions and the Toorak College musicals where students have the opportunity to combine their musical and dramatic talents.


Wardle House students have the opportunity to experience Dance and Movement and work collaboratively to choreograph a performance piece.

All Year 7 students participate in Dance and Movement, while Year 9 and 10 students are given further opportunities to study dance in the elective program. These students attend workshops, learn different dance styles, explore dance theory and choreograph performance pieces.

So You Think You Can Dance

Open to all Senior School students, this production is a highlight at Toorak College each year. The performance showcases students’ talent, dedication and passion for dance and encourages self-discipline and self-expression. Preparation begins in Term 3 with auditions, followed by workshops led by experienced choreographers and dancers.

Performance opportunities include:

  • The Year 6 production
  • Dance production - Wardle House to Year 12
  • Year 7 and 8 production
  • Year 7 to 12 competition dance program
  • Year 9 to 12 production
  • Two VCE drama performance evenings
  • Toorak College musical
  • Small group performances for various School events (organised by our Drama Prefects)
  • House Drama and Variety Competitions