We believe that a wide range of sporting opportunities should be made accessible to all students. Students are encouraged to take the opportunity to explore personal traits such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, risk taking and commitment, whilst enjoying the health benefits that result from participation in regular physical activity.

We recognise our responsibility to our students to provide access to a safe, challenging and positive environment for all those involved. Competitive Sport at Toorak College operates within a ‘non compulsory/elective’ format and places students in school-run competition as well as community, state and national sporting organisation competitions.

Our program aims to provide opportunities for individual skill development as well as direction within the community for possible high performance pathways and lifelong participation in physical activity.

Benefits of playing sport

  • Linked to improved academic performance
  • Promotes attributes such as teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship
  • Epitomises the success that comes with hard work and persistence
  • Helps students gain perspective on the wins and losses of life
  • Provides an avenue for lifelong friendships
  • Offers a sense of community belonging
  • Increases the chances of participants enjoying sport as adults and reaping the many health benefits.

Wardle House students participate in School Sport Victoria competitions.

Our Senior School girls participate in the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) program. Toorak College is a foundation member of Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) Sporting Association, the leading provider of sport to independent girls schools.

Sporting Programs