Learning Resources

Toorak College has a long history of integrating technology into its learning environments.

Our technology agenda underpins a paradigm shift in education, where the focus is on personalised learning, flexibility, choice, ongoing assessment, collaboration, student wellbeing and the global readiness of every student to succeed in work and life. In order to achieve these goals, Toorak College maintains and upgrades its infrastructure to provide campus-wide Wi-Fi and technology rich experiences to provide enhanced learning.


At Toorak College we use a range of innovative eLearning tools to engage and support our students.


Our Learning Management System, iVE (Interactive Virtual Environment) allows the whole school community to communicate, collaborate and support learning at Toorak College. It allows for students, parents and staff to access information such as school news, timetables, due dates and class pages via the mobile responsive website.

Google Suite for Education

Toorak College is a Google Suite for Education school. There are a number of tools that are used in and out of the classroom including: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites and Google Docs. These tools allow students and staff to create and collaborate online in real time. In addition, Hapara Teacher Dashboard is a tool that allows teachers to provide timely feedback to students.


We teach and encourage students to create positive digital footprints. In the Senior School students use the Google blogging platform Blogger. Students use this tool to showcase and reflect upon their work.


Provides curriculum focused video lessons, exam practice and study planning tools for VCE students.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is for Years 5 to 12.

The move to a BYOD environment supports our educational philosophy of higher expectations around self-management, offering choice and flexibility to suit an individual’s personalised learning pathway and preparing girls for the world beyond our gates.

Swift Science & Technology Centre

Our architecturally designed Swift Science & Technology Centre is part of Toorak’s initiative to maximise our students’ opportunities for further education and subsequent employment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The Swift Science & Technology Centre will equip our students with the essential skills and knowledge to be ready for a lifetime of enquiry and understanding. It features collaborative learning and break out spaces, an outdoor lab, a boardroom-style classroom to provide authentic workplace experience, Digizone 3D printing and prototyping facility, VR pod for full visual immersion and AV ability to record lessons and support expert teaching.

These facilities provide an exceptional opportunity for students to be enthused by STEM, and follows STEM Australia's purpose to be “encouraged to understand the excitement and importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their lives, and the career opportunities to which the STEM subjects can lead.” The Science and Technology Centre will encourage students to observe the learning occurring around them in order to be inspired in a highly transparent environment where curiosity and creativity are shared and ignited throughout the space.


Our DIGI (Design, Innovate, Gamify, Inspire) Zone is a space for learners to problem find and solve, collaborate, design and create while pursuing their own learning passions and curriculum based projects. Students have access to the latest technological tools to inspire this generation of learners. Examples of tools used include: a drone, 3D printer, robotics, coding, minecraft, game development, electronics and virtual reality.

Careful analysis of research and the Digital and Technologies and Design Technologies Australian curriculum provided the impetus to create a range of ‘DIGI identities’ aligned with each age range which pinpoint the key focus of development and potential tools to support this development.

DIGI Identities

DIGIbots (ELC to Year 2)

Students use an array of digital tools and programs such as Beebots, littleBits electronics and construction games such as Goldiblox to experience the first steps in problem solving and basic coding.

DIGIxplorers (Years 3 and 4)

Students are introduced to the design process while using simple coding software such as Junior Scratch. They are supported in their digital learning within rich creative platforms such as Minecraft where they can explore and design in association with their inquiry unit learning outcomes.

DIGIneers (Years 5 to 8)

Robotics (Lego Robotics and Spheroballs), coding, gaming, 3D printing, arduinos, CAD design using SketchUp, and littleBits electronics are just some of tools available for use as students consider real life problems and potential solutions within programs such as Cre8 and Future Thinking. The co-curricular Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) program also hones engineering skills.

DIGIpreneurs (Years 9 to 10)

The 21st Century will see students linked to industry as they pursue their own design briefs. They will learn the skill of promoting and selling innovation in a global context and focus on entrepreneurship.

DIGIfuturists (Years 11 to 12)
The VCE years begin to see many students specialising in a range of subjects related to STEM fields. As our students begin to consider their next steps for their future, exposure to possible career pathways and opportunities provide input to decision making.

Our Libraries

Norman Carson Library

The Norman Carson Library is used by Year 5 to Year 12 students. This is a modern, flexible learning environment and offers exceptional learning facilities including:

  • Breakout rooms for collaborative and quiet study
  • Bean Bag room with Skyping facilities
  • Conference room for year level learning and presentations
  • Portable interactive whiteboards
  • Large range of fiction and non-fiction books
  • 24/7 capacity via our LibGuides website, a digital collection housing both eBooks and audiobooks

Wardle House Library

The Wardle House Library is used by ELC  - Year 4 students and offers:

  • Large collection of fiction and nonfiction books
  • Online environment
  • Interactive whiteboard