Senior School

It is this 'spirit' that is instilled in all the girls which makes being a Toorak College girl something very unique and special.

Toorak College Senior School specialises in girls’ education. It is a place where girls can learn and be challenged in a caring and supportive environment so that each Toorak girl emerges from her schooling as a confident, independent and resourceful 21st century woman.

Our commitment to academic excellence is delivered through innovative and collaborative teaching programs and our dedicated teachers encourage our girls to discover their individual passions and academic strengths. A strong work ethic exists and girls come to understand and appreciate the joy that learning and discovery brings, which will ensure they continue on the path of lifelong learning.

We believe that a holistic approach to education is the best preparation for later life, giving our girls the skills of independence to manage their lives and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active role in society and the resilience to make their way in our increasingly competitive world.

We recognise that for students to achieve their best academically they must also mentally and physically be at their best too. Through our pastoral care program, which continues all through Senior School, a focus on empathy, respect for difference and respect for oneself is embraced.

The range of sports and co-curricular activities are extensive at Toorak College. All girls are strongly encouraged to ‘have a go’ at sports they may not have tried before, whilst continuing to pursue sports they already enjoy. Music and Drama also play a very big part in the girls’ lives at Toorak. They are encouraged to pursue the arts and to discover the richness that these bring to one’s life.

Many of our girls follow in the footsteps of mothers, aunts and sisters and there is a sense of belonging and pride in knowing you are a part of a tradition and culture that has a history of over 140 years. There are those that have come before you, and those that are still to come. It is this 'spirit' that is instilled in all the girls which makes being a Toorak College girl something very unique and special.

The All-Girl Advantage

Research consistently shows that girls perform better in an all-girl environment and our girls-only Senior School is a personalised, supportive learning environment designed to inspire and encourage our girls to become confident and highly capable young women. Your daughter will enjoy not just equal opportunity, but will thrive in a culture of academic excellence, collegiate collaboration and a focus on individual strengths to maximise her potential as a global citizen. Find out more about the All-Girl Advantage.

Senior School Programs

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