Working Together

We are as invested in your child’s learning as you are and our three-way learning philosophy recognises the importance of working collaboratively with students, teachers and parents to maximise the learning opportunities a Toorak College education affords.

We are committed to ensuring our students have the ability and capacity for self-assessment in their learning, so they know how they are progressing and where their learning journey is taking them.

Parents are encouraged to support the learning experience at home by discussing ideas, engaging with student progress by monitoring and encouraging good home learning and study habits and reinforcing the advice offered by teachers.

Our teachers take great pride in diligently providing considered feedback and advice as part of the learning process. Report advice following assessments or feedback offered to students during learning tasks is designed to inform both parents and students of the required actions to maximise learning opportunities and enhance progress.

Additionally, teachers and parents are encouraged to engage in communication about student learning to ensure a healthy, holistic working together approach is maintained around individual student progress in the school environment. We encourage students to know how they are going and where to next.

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