Project Shine

What you want to inspire in others must first shine inside yourself. Project Shine empowers our students to find their shine and project it, realising the potential that every student possesses.

At Toorak College, we recognise that a dynamic approach to teaching and learning is at the heart of success in every student’s learning journey. We strive to challenge and nurture every individual, and develop independence, curiosity and self-belief. We recognise that every child is different and that every year presents new challenges opportunities. 

As a school, our expertise lies in our approach and understanding of learning, our development of curriculum and our creation of opportunity. Project Shine is designed to take our students on a journey that allows them to truly capitalise on their potential, expand their world view and find their place within it.

Project Shine is developed and designed around three priorities:

  • The social, moral, emotional and cognitive development of young people 
  • The development of thinking and learning habits, and strategies over time 
  • The necessary future skills and opportunities

It is comprised of four distinct approaches, each building on the previous;

Project Enlighten (Kindergarten-Pre-Prep)

Project Ignite (Prep-Year 6)

Project Illuminate (Year 7-Year 9)

Project Radiate (Year 10-Year 12)

Students gain courage, skill and determination throughout their years at Toorak College, which prepares them to shine.

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