Vicki Sayers

Vicki Sayers (Hanton TC’89) fondly remembers her time at Toorak and the close friendships made and is thankful for the opportunities she was given. Vicki knows the confidence Toorak gave her allowed her to transition for the world of Nursing to Real Estate.

Vicki started her journey at Toorak in 1982 in Year 5 and to do this day, her five closest friends were those she shared her education with at Toorak. Vicki fondly reflects on all the experiences she had the opportunity to try and loved cross country, diving, swimming, gymnastics, singing, drama, debating, hockey and all the house activities, go Pye!

After completing VCE, Vicki was unsure what she wanted to do. In those days there were prerequisites, and whilst she was interested in Real Estate, Vicki hadn’t completed any of those required to study property at RMIT. Health science subjects and music were the areas she had covered. Vicki chose Nursing as she knew that she would always be employable, she was dealing with people and could travel. After completing a Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe University, Vicki completed her Graduate year at The Alfred.

Vicki was always interested in the community and after finishing her graduate year she moved back to the Peninsula doing work bank at The Bays, however, she had her sights set on the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS). It wasn’t common for young people to employed by the RDNS. Vicki was lucky enough to be offered a job and worked initially out of the Frankston Centre before moving to the Rosebud site where she quickly moved into middle management roles and ended up as a clinical wound consultant, running a wound clinic and consulting in the community and running research projects. Vicki completed 15 years in this role.

In 2004, Vicki headed up a clinical research group and presented a paper at the World Congress in Paris. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in advanced clinical nursing in ambulatory care, and then went on to start her Masters with the plan to be a Nurse Practitioner. Vicki deferred her studies when she had her second child.

After having children, Vicki spent much time contemplating what she wanted to do as Nursing was never meant to be the long game. She kept coming back to property. Property was a passion for Vicki, and people including friends’ parents and family friends sought her advice on value as she had an innate understating of property values. Vicki’s father had been a property valuer and she had been brought up around Real Estate transactions as her parents purchased and sold every two years in her earlier years. In late 2009, Vicki started the agent’s rep course online, but a family tragedy and her father’s health scare put it on hold.

In early 2010, Vicki was given an opportunity to work with John Richards at Hall and Hall, Mt Eliza’s oldest real estate firm. Many wondered how Vicki could transition from Nursing to Real Estate, but she had spent her career working in people’s homes, convincing them to take her advice to improve their lives. Vicki took leave without pay for 12 months to see how she would go. Within three months, she knew she was never going back to her old role and resigned, the rest is history.

Real Estate is more about people than it is about homes. It helps that Vicki loves property but working with people is what she loves the most. It didn’t take long for Vicki to be known in the industry and she has built a fabulous career. Vicki loves that she is selling homes to people she knows from School who moved away, as many did, but have returned to raise their families on the Peninsula.

Vicki is honoured to have won the title of Residential Salesperson of the Year by the REIV, the State’s industry body, for the past five consecutive years. Vicki was the first woman to have ever won the award and backed it up for the next four years.

In recent years, Vicki has been listed in the Top 50 female agents in Australia, and in 2021 was listed in Victoria’s Top 50 agents. The REB has also honoured her with Top Regional agent of 2020. Vicki loves what she does and loves having her office in the Village that she grew up in. She now lives in Mt Martha and has extended her reach beyond Mt Eliza to cover most of the Mornington Peninsula. Her daughter completed her VCE at Toorak in 2020.

Vicki loves Toorak and the connections she has made through the school and thinks that the school has an incredible leader in Principal Kristy Kendall. Toorak gave Vicki the confidence to believe in herself and gave her the platform to launch into the adult world. As a girl, Vicki never thought that she could be whatever she wanted to be. The power of house and sense of community that Toorak offers underpinned this. The fact that her favourite people in the world are those she went to school with says a lot about the place that Toorak is.