Toorak Collegians


The Toorak Collegians Committee (previously called the Toorak College Old Girls' Association) was formed in 1908 with the aim of contributing towards the lives of Collegians, the School and the community. Today, the Toorak Collegians Committee endeavour to do this by offering our 11,000+ members a range of opportunities to stay connected including facilitating careers assistance, funding a Collegian Grants program, maintaining a rich archives collection and running popular Collegians based events.

Current Toorak Collegians Committee Members 

Carolyn Such (’69) – President
Pam Hall ('75) - Treasurer
Cara Pope (’02) - School Council Representative 
Penny Bowman ('01) – Secretary
Sue Dixon (’81)
Elise Moynihan (’86) 
Merrin Munroe ('88) 
Jenny Paterson ('01) 
Deborah Reid ('89)
Jacque Ross (’71)
Rosemary Sewell (’74) 
Shonnie Waters (’96)

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