The Toorak Collegians Committee (previously called the Toorak College Old Girls' Association) was formed in 1908 with the aim of contributing towards the lives of Collegians, the School and the community. Today, the Toorak Collegians Committee endeavour to do this by offering our 11,000+ members a range of opportunities to stay connected including facilitating careers assistance, funding a Collegian Grants program, maintaining a rich archives collection and running popular Collegians based events.

Current Toorak Collegians Committee Members

Carolyn Such (’69) – President
Pam Hall ('75) - Treasurer
Penny Bowman ('01)
Sue Dixon (’81)
Sarah Graham (’91)
Megan Lieb (’05)
Elise Moynihan (’86)
Merrin Munroe ('88)
Jenny Paterson ('01)
Cara Litterick (’02)
Deborah Reid ('89)
Jacque Ross (’71)
Rosemary Sewell (’74)
Shonnie Waters (’96)

Collegians Programs

Mentor Program
Empower Network
Grants Program
Archives Program

Mentor Program

Whether you are just starting your career, are in the peak of your career or are thinking of taking on a complex challenge, the Toorak Collegians Mentor Program can help you excel further. This program aims to connect you with fellow Collegians who can guide you through the complexities of university, work and professional development. With over 11,000 members, the Toorak Collegians community is a rich source of professional support for those looking for career guidance. If you would like to be put in touch with a Collegian in your line of work, or you would like to become a mentor to a Collegian, simply complete the below form.

Empower Network

The Empower Network provides an impactful opportunity for Collegians to share their professional knowledge and experience with current Toorak College students who are commencing their own career journey. Consisting of online engagement and face-to-face networking, all Collegians who are studying or employed are encouraged to become involved. Collegians are invited to join the Toorak College Empower Network group via LinkedIn - this online group is intended to be a safe space where students can direct career related questions to Collegians. In addition, as part of this network, if you are a Collegian in a position to offer formal mentorship, work shadowing or professional placements to a particular student/s, please contact us.


The Toorak Collegians have established clubs across many sports such as netball, basketball, volleybally, big band. We encourage Collegians from across all peer years and skill levels to join one of our existing clubs or consider establishing a new club. For more information, please contact the Alumni Relations office on (03) 97887208 or email

Grants Program

The Collegians Grants program exists to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and creative endeavour in the Collegian Community. Projects available for funding of up to $1,000 can be in the Arts, Sports, Science, Community or Charity areas. The Toorak Collegians Committee shall review and give fair consideration to all applicants and shall advise each applicant of the outcome of their application.

Archives Program

The School Archives contain cherished records documenting the tradition, history and unique identity of Toorak College. Enquiries and help from volunteers are welcome, as well as donations of memorabilia from members of the School community or other interested friends. The breadth, significance and organisation of the historical collection in our Archive is a credit to the dedication shown by Mrs Elizabeth Beischer (nee Young) who joined Toorak College in 1948, as a boarder, became a Head Girl in 1952 and a Board Member of the School from 1982 to 1993. Whilst on the Board, Mrs Beischer was the representative of the Library and Archives sub-committee, and oversaw the publication of the School’s history, 'The Echoes Fade Not'.

For more information on:

  • The Toorak Collegians Grant Application Form;
  • Requesting a Toorak Collegians Mentor or becoming a Toorak Collegians Mentor;
  • The Toorak College Archives collection;

Please complete the below form.

Past Toorak Collegians Committee (formerly ‘Old Girls' Association’) Presidents

Past Toorak Collegians Committee (formerly ‘Old Girls' Association’) Presidents

1908 – 1921: Miss Isabelle Hamilton
1922 – 1923: Mrs Enid Faulkner
1924 – 1925: Dr Vera Scantlebury
1925 – 1926: Mrs Meryl O’Hara-Wood
1927 – 1928: Mrs Enid Faulkner
1929 – 1930: Mrs Kathleen Melville
1931 – 1932: Miss Christina Brown
1933 – 1934: Mrs Margaret Cumming
1934 – 1935: Mrs Val Tate
1935 – 1937: Mrs Edna Kiddle
1937 – 1939: Dame Mary Herring
1939 -1940: Miss Claire McCrae
1940 – 1941: Mrs Jean Phillips
1942 – 1946: Miss Tiny Yen Ken
1946 – 1947: Mrs Val Tate
1946 – 1947: Mrs Jean Phillips
1947 – 1949: Miss Angela Fairbairn
1949 – 1951: Mrs Hilda Love
1951 – 1953: Mrs Mary James
1953 – 1955: Mrs Barbara Frankenberg
1955 – 1957: Mrs Mary James
1957 – 1959: Mrs Joan Minson
1959 – 1961: Mrs Dorothy Wardle
1961 – 1962: Mrs Robin Welsh
1962 – 1965: Miss Carol Austin
1962 – 1965: Miss Margaret Millear
1965 – 1967: Miss Margaret Reid
1967 – 1969: Mrs Joan Minson
1969 – 1971: Mrs Deidre Farfor
1972 – 1972: Mrs Helen Head
1972 – 1975: Mrs Barbara Thomas
1975 – 1977: Mrs Carolyn White
1977 – 1979: Mrs Jean Robinson
1979 – 1981: Elizabeth Waley
1981 – 1983: Mrs Judith McKechnie
1983 – 1985: Mrs Jandra Berg
1985 – 1986: Mrs Susan Doherty
1987 – 1988: Mrs Barbara Thomas
1989 – 1991: Mrs Margaret Paynter
1991 – 1992: Mrs Carolyn Such
1993 – 1995: Mrs Natalie Van Wetering
1995 – 1997: Mrs Carolyn Such
1997 – 1998: Mrs Susan Smith
1998 – 2001: Mrs Clare Ganderthon
2002 – 2006: Mrs Jill Griffiths
2006 – 2010: Mrs Susan Doherty
2010 – 2011: Mrs Patricia Morton
2011 – 2016: Mrs Cara Pope

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