Mornington Peninsula’s Leading All Girls’ School

The All-Girl Advantage

For over 145 years, Toorak College has been committed to the education of girls and has played a major role in shaping the lives of thousands of women over many generations. 

We are advocates for girls’ education, yet we understand that the world does not cater to a single-gender. At Toorak College, we do not seek to replicate the world. Instead, we seek to challenge it by offering our students a learning environment that enables them to focus on achieving their personal best whilst also discovering their passions.

Educational research coupled with our extensive experience tells us that single-sex education offers girls the greatest chance to challenge stereotypes, develop strong self-worth and grow in confidence.

Advantages of Single Sex Education:

  • Girls in single-sex schools perform better academically than their counterparts in co-educational schools.
  • Girls at girls' schools reported having ‘higher aspirations’, ‘greater motivation’ and are ‘challenged to achieve more than their female peers’. 
  • An all-girl school environment can stimulate discussion, dialogue, and self-discovery when designed and purpose-built by experts in girls' education and centred around developmental milestones.
  • For girls, single-sex settings result in much more favourable attitudes towards STEM programs in schools, such as mathematics and science than those in coeducational settings.
  • An all-girl environment allows more opportunities for girls to take on leadership roles. Students who had previously held or currently hold a leadership role enjoyed significantly higher levels of social efficacy relative to those who had no leadership role experience.
  • Single-gender classes provide a learning environment where the female voice is not marginalised. The personal attributes of the teachers, most notably their encouragement, care, and availability, motivate these female students from single-gender schools to excel.

Single-Sex Schools Backed by Research

According to a report commissioned by the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, girls from single-sex education schools: 

  • Have 35% higher intentions of completing a degree or doctorate.
  • Scored up to 10 percentage points higher on academic tests of science, mathematics and literacy.
  • Scored 10 percentage points higher on measures of science knowledge and confidence.
  • Scored up to 7 percentage points higher on measures of reading evaluation and reflection, and locating and understanding information.

In addition to these statistics, the findings from the report also found that girls from single-sex schools are more likely to:

  • Never or almost never experience bullying. 
  • Never or hardly ever experience disruptions in science classes. 
  • Never or hardly ever engage in non-attendance behaviours like skipping school. 
  • Make friends and feel that they belong at school. 

Crafting a Future for Female Leaders

Girls’ schools don’t just focus on the present. They focus on the future and work to shine a light on the impact all students will have on the world around them. As a leading girls’ school, we provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to be their authentic selves: to dream big, to try and fail, then try again, to support others, and to champion change.

With many conversations around the importance of women in the workplace and boardrooms, the voices of girls and young women need to be amplified. All girls’ schools provide an environment for young women to be empowered to find their voice, stand up, and be counted. 

We are proud advocates of girls’ education. Toorak College is set to become an all-girls' school from Prep to Year 12 in 2027. We will enrol our last boys into Prep in 2022 where they will receive a nurturing and holistic education, integrating within our Junior School community until they complete Year 4.