Our aim is that every Toorak girl can discover and pursue her dreams. She will have an inner belief in herself that, through hard work and determination, she can achieve anything.
Mrs Fiona Wines, Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal
Senior School

Why Senior School at Toorak

As experts in girls’ education on the Mornington Peninsula, Toorak College is the ideal choice for your daughter. We ensure every student is empowered to achieve personal and academic growth so they can thrive in their future without fear.


Toorak College Senior School Program

The Senior School program is a personalised academic experience that advocates for girls and their passions. As proud educators, we have created a unique and practical curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 around real-world thinking, design making and future-focused learning, so that students are readily prepared for their future. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are immersed in global endeavours, student pathways and career-driven opportunities to ensure they are confident in the dreams they pursue beyond their time with us.

Agile Learning

All students participate in Agile Learning, a unique subject designed by Toorak College. This subject brings together the best of Technology, Business & Commerce, Society & Culture and Design, and sees students embark on an empowered learning journey where they identify real-world problems and challenges. This multi-disciplinary approach to learning inspires understanding and empowers our students through entrepreneurial, business, political and ethical mindsets.

Growth Mentoring

Through the themes of cognitive psychology, Growth Mentoring is a small group, collaborative approach, looking at ways to achieve goals and reflect on actions. By putting the student at the centre of the learning journey, Growth Mentoring ensures the learning in every class is strengthened and that academic and personal growth is evident. It empowers students as they learn to understand how to interpret the feedback and data they receive in a meaningful way.

Student Futures Program

Ranked as one of the leading Mornington Peninsula secondary schools, we develop agile learners who are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce with confidence.

As part of our Specialist Futures program, we conduct a Morrisby Report for each student which comprises of a series of twelve tests that focus on identifying strengths, abilities and personal style. It builds a picture of an individual’s talents, potential and preferences, and provides students with a clearer understanding of the world of work when discussing career options and pathways beyond school.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are immersed in global endeavours, student pathways and career-driven opportunities to ensure they are confident in the dreams they pursue beyond our School gates.

Pathways & Partnerships

The Pathways & Partnerships Program at Toorak College harnesses students with a range of career insights and inspiration to help them develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make their first career decisions. These opportunities include formal and informal mentoring, networking events, workplace shadowing, short-term work experience, part-time holiday recruitment, post-graduation cadetships and internships and industry immersion excursions. We are proud to align with STEM-oriented companies such as The Downer Group, Cellcare, NAB, Seymour Whyte and Tesserent offer unique opportunities for students to gain real world experience and develop skills across Science, Technology, Design, Marketing, Engineering and Mathematics.

To find out more about our partnerships please email us at partnerships@toorakc.vic.edu.au


At Toorak, we know that having a healthy wellbeing is vital for our girls to thrive. That is why we integrate a wellbeing focus in every aspect of our students’ academic journey rather than treat it as a subject. From mindfulness initiatives to leadership opportunities in House and Co-curricular endeavours, our girls are free to be their true selves.

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