Co-curricular activities are essential programs that enrich the academic curriculum by fostering the development of crucial life skills.

Toorak students are encouraged to embrace all types of co-curricular activities in tandem with their high quality education, as an opportunity to expand their experiences, further develop existing skills and find new passions. We know that our students feel a strong sense of community and belonging when they are engaged in all aspects of school life, particularly beyond the classroom in our co-curricular program, where we offer a range of activities across Sport, Music, Performing & Visual Arts and Outdoor programs. With our state-of-the-art campus facilities, integrated academic and co-curricular timetable and the seamless experience of booking co-curricular activities through our online platform SOCS, there is no limit for our students to challenge themselves and achieve their dreams.

Toorak College is dedicated to providing a diverse range of co-curricular activities that cater to the interests and passions of every student. From book clubs and theatre shows to our equestrian program and adventure-based camps, we offer a wide variety of activities that take place both within and outside the school grounds.

Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Student Leadership Opportunities
Specialist Experiences


With a proud and rich history of sporting success at Toorak College, participating in sport has always been an integral part of our School culture. With more than 27 sports on offer, we pride ourselves on providing the best environment where our students not only feel valued and empowered playing sport but thrive in it too. We are in a unique position to offer specialised sports that girls might not otherwise be exposed to elsewhere, including diving, equestrian, rowing, sailing, aerobics and snow sports.

Toorak College offers a wide range of sporting opportunities for students, with programs run by various sporting associations. Sporting programs include term-based interschool sport, seasonal sport and special tournament events.

Our Senior School girls participate in the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) program. Toorak College is a foundation member of Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) Sporting Association, the leading provider of sport to independent girls’ schools. Junior School students participate in School Sport Victoria competitions.

AerobicsDivingRun ClubTennis Coaching
BasketballIndoor CricketSurf Life Saving
Community NetballNetballSwimming
Cross CountryRowingTennis


We believe that music is an integral part of education and of life. Music participation fosters creativity, collaboration and improves cognitive function. Music education at Toorak College creates a strong sense of community, and encourages the pursuit of excellence, with no divide between the Junior School and Senior School. It is about giving students a chance for their creativity to shine and develop their identities as individuals. With ample choice in our Music program, from ensembles and groups to individual instrumental lessons, our students can be immersed in a harmonious atmosphere.

Music is taught as part of the classroom curriculum in our ELC, Junior School, Year 7 and with ‘passion’ choices in Year 8. Music is offered as elective subjects from Year 9 to VCE. Students are encouraged to participate, either in addition to, or independent from, their classroom learning.

Students can participate in a range of ensemble offerings - bands, choirs, orchestras, string and brass ensembles and Jazz and contemporary bands both large and small. Throughout the year our concert calendar provides many opportunities for students to show their talent. There are formal concerts, Jazz nights and soirees where parents and friends can enjoy the music of our students.

Acoustic GuitarTrumpetElectric KeyboardDrum KitCelloBassoon
Electric GuitarTrombone PianoforteOrchestral PercussionDouble BassClarinet
Bass GuitarFrench HornViolaFlute


Toorak College boasts a large number of ensembles to accommodate all musical tastes and abilities. Students can choose, based on their level of competency, to play or sing in a range of ensembles. There are no fees for ensemble memberships except for the Toorak Band Academy which includes instrumental lesson tuition and instrument hire. Once students are active members of a core ensemble, they can audition for an elective ensemble. A selection process/audition applies to select ensembles.

Toorak Band Academy

The Toorak Band Academy helps students in Years 5, 6 and 7 develop their passion for music by learning a concert band instrument and the opportunity to represent Toorak College at a number of events.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are available for all students to learn from specialist educators. Music lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60 minute durations. A 30 minute lesson is suitable for a beginner. A 45 minute lesson is recommended for students at AMEB Grade 4 level or above.

Performing Arts

The Toorak College Performing Arts Program provides opportunity for self-expression, self-discovery and reflection.

Students are guided by expert teachers to achieve a sense of self-expression, self-discovery and discipline. Whether it be dance, drama or musical theatre, students are encouraged to explore their artistic potential without limits. There are many avenues to showcase their talents through Junior School and Senior School productions, dance competitions, theatrical plays and external performances.


When studying drama, our students are encouraged to use their imagination, explore their passion and develop robust communication skills. Our drama performance calendar gives Toorak College students many opportunities to perform throughout the year.


At Toorak College, we enjoy catering to students who have a passion for dance. We have an extensive selection of dance programs our students can be involved in including competition dance through to our inclusive Dance Project production.

Competition Dance

To challenge and extend our dance students we enter a competition based dance event each year. Students from Year 5-Year 12 are able to audition to be part of a team and learn a choreographed piece to perform.


The Toorak Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA) offers after-school classes to our students to assist in their skill development, technique, confidence and a love of performing while learning from trained industry professionals.

Year 6 Production

Each year the Year 6 classes come together to stage a musical. The students undergo an audition and rehearsal process leading to a series of performances. The musical is performed for the school community and proves to be a highlight of the Year 6 calendar of events.

Senior School Musical

Every second year the students of our Senior School come together to stage a musical. During the year of the production, auditions for lead roles, chorus and dancers are held with rehearsals starting soon after. The musical always proves to be a highlight of the Performing Arts calendar of events.

Dance Project

The Dance Project is an annual production that celebrates dance. Students from Prep - Year 12 come together on stage to perform. The show includes choreographed pieces from all facets of our performing arts program.

Visual Arts

The Arts building is the place where students come to develop their skills and expression through a range of different mediums. Whether it be 2D or 3D art, students are encouraged to explore, discover and then communicate their findings by developing their own artworks.

Toorak College artworks are regularly displayed in competitions and exhibitions including: Top Arts, Designs, Shots and Screens, the Moran Prize, Ilford Photographic Competition, Mornington Art Show and the Archibald and Silk Cut.


The House system at Toorak College provides opportunities for student leadership and friendly competition in a range of sporting and academic activities. House events are an integral part of school life and are joyfully anticipated as students strive to give their best for their House.

Junior School

All Junior School students are divided amongst three houses upon enrolment:

  • Gold House
  • Red House
  • Blue House

Houses provide students with an outlet for healthy and positive competition amongst their peers. These House communities play an integral part in our students' sense of belonging to a multi-age team.

Throughout the year, many activities and competitions are held to develop team spirit, cooperation and collaboration. Events include athletics, cross country, swimming, music and visual art competitions.

Senior School

Our House system is a window into the spirit of Toorak and part of what makes our school so special. The Houses of Cerutty, Douglas, Hamilton, Mayfield, Pye and Tripp all hold special significance in Toorak College’s history, which dates back more than 100 years.

School Houses contribute to an increased feeling of identity and belonging and provide an abundance of activities to be involved in as well as leadership opportunities. House events are a revered part of school life and provide lasting memories.

The ‘spirit’ of Toorak shines through, especially at House events where students show their loyalty to their House by dressing up in a range of costumes and competing. The friendships made on these days strengthen the bonds between girls at all year levels and these connections continue to grow long after they have graduated.

House Competitions:
Public Speaking
Cross Country
Drama and Variety

Student Leadership Opportunities

Toorak College Student Leadership involves a team of students working together to ensure that every student feels a part of the Toorak College community and beyond. We believe that teaching leadership skills to our high school students is crucial to shaping a future generation of powerful women in the workforce. All students are encouraged to embrace these opportunities and self-nominate for all of the positions available.

At Toorak College, we educate our students about what makes a good leader and provide them with a variety of leadership opportunities at each year level. We want them to continue to aspire to leadership as well as being inspired by the staff and student leaders around them. Throughout the school year, students’ skills in leadership are developed and key staff offer training and mentorship opportunities as well as conferences alongside other student leaders in Victoria.

School Leadership Prep-Year 12

Student Representative Council (SRC) (Year 3 -11)
The SRC organises ways for students to participate in school life and give students a voice, to ensure the student body feels connected to the school and to promote connection with the local and global community.
In Years 3 to 11, students are elected by their peers to represent all students in their year level cohort and hold the position for the year.

Class Captains (Junior School) and Wellbeing Tutorial Leaders (Senior School)
These leaders support the students in their class or wellbeing tutorial and will organise ways for the group to build relationships and participate in school life and activities.
Students from Prep to Year 10 are elected by the class or tutorial group and hold the position for one term. Year 11 students hold these positions for one semester and Year 12 students are appointed for the year.

House Year Level Representatives (Year 7-11)
House Year Level representatives assist their respective House Captains with the organisation of House activities. They actively promote House spirit among the year level and the House as a whole.
This position is available to students in Years 7-11. The position of House Year Level Representative is voted on by the members of the House and students hold this position for the year.

Year 6 Leadership Opportunities

Junior School Captain
In 2022, we will be selecting our inaugural Junior School Captain in Wardle House. This Year 6 student will contribute to whole school initiatives and represent Wardle House at many events including School Tours and community celebrations. The Junior School Captain has the opportunity to self-nominate and will present a speech to her peers and teachers outlining how she contributes to the culture and spirit of Toorak College. Peer voting will then occur across Years 3 to 6 followed by an interview with the final candidates.

House Captains
House Captains are the leaders of their respective Houses (Blue, Gold and Red). Their priority is to assist in the running of House events, Junior School House meetings and assemblies and throughout the year, should be actively engaging and encouraging the participation of students within their house at these events. Two House Captains per semester are elected by the Junior School students.

Art and Music Captains
Art and Music Captains are available to Year 6 students and are self-nominated positions. Students must be actively involved in their chosen area and prioritise giving back to our Junior School community through clubs and/or participation in a range of co-curricular experiences. Art and Music Captains hold their positions for a year.

Year 12 Leadership Opportunities

Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl/Prefects positions
The Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects work as a team to support all students and programs at Toorak College. However, each member of the team has a portfolio to actively encourage and promote. The portfolios include Leadership, The Arts, Sports, Junior School Liaison, Sustainability, Culture and Diversity, and Connections. Our House Captains (Prefects) work within the House portfolio.

House Captains (Prefects) and Deputy House Captains
The House Captains are the leaders of their respective Houses and together with their Deputy House Captains, they organise House events and the participation of students within their house at these events. They work closely with the Head of Houses to ensure all students have a positive experience.

Students are able to nominate themselves for the roles of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Prefect or House Captain. These positions are voted on by both students and staff and involve an application and interview process.


Captains positions are available for each sport as well as Art, Dance, Drama and Music. There is also a Literary Captain, a Captain of Debating and Public Speaking, and a Captain of the Duke of Edinburgh program.
Students must be actively involved in their chosen area to be eligible and are elected by their peers. They hold the position for a year.


The camp program at Toorak College is designed to provide immersion in the natural environment and to create additional opportunities to shape attitudes and behaviours of the participants. A sequential, experiential learning program is designed for participants to gain a greater understanding of themselves as an individual and their character strengths that they contribute to the immediate social environment. Our experiences are a compulsory part of the Toorak College Curriculum.

Year 3 & Year 4 Camp

Our Year 3 and 4 camps provide initial opportunities for our students to have a two-night camp experience away from Toorak and their families. The purpose of our camps at this level is to enhance our students’ resilience, safe risk-taking behaviour and experience a comfort whilst being away from their immediate family. This camp also aims to assist in developing students' social skills and relationships with their peers.

Year 5 Camp

In Year 5, the students take a historical voyage back to the 1850s to Sovereign Hill to investigate the impact of the Gold Rush. During this three-day camp, students participate in workshops that aim at conveying the differences of schooling, living conditions and financial strains that encouraged people to immigrate to Victoria for a better life during this time.

Year 6 Camp

In Year 6, the students are taken away on two experiences throughout the year. The first camp will provide opportunities for the students to take a closer look at Melbourne as a tourist destination. Students will visit places of interest as well as experiencing the multiculturalism or ‘melting pot’ that is our state. Later in the year, the students will then head outdoors where they will camp and participate in team building activities ahead of their transition to Senior School.

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 camp provides opportunities for team building and personal challenge. Students stay in both cabins and tents and will experience activities like high ropes, obstacle courses and the giant swing, along with an introduction to bushwalking and camp skills. It is an opportunity for Year 7 to come together and reflect on their year and look forward to Year 8.

Year 8 Camp

The Year 8 camp allows students a level of choice in their outdoor experience and camp challenge. The camps are an extension from the Year 7 experience and include an extended journey component with bushwalking and outdoor adventure activities. They will have the opportunity to choose from a range of camps and experiences such as canoeing, rock climbing, cycling or kayaking. All trips include the bush walk and camp skills component.

Year 9 Camp

The Year 9 Beyond Boundaries Program places participants into physical and social environments that are very different to that which they operate in everyday. The student programmes are designed to allow students to see the vast setting and culturally diverse areas. The Beyond Boundaries title reflects this movement into communities that operate differently than they experience in their home, local community or school settings.

Choice is part of the program, students are encouraged to select the program that they anticipate is closely aligned with their desire for level of challenge and match their sense of area of interest. The program is designed to further build on skills developed within the Year 7 and 8 programs whilst supporting participants that were not part of the fundamental development programs.

In the Year 9 program the social environment is placed at the forefront of the experience. Participants become part of a small social group away from the usual support of family and everyday networks. Participants explore the roles and responsibilities as a member of a team. ‘Independence’, ‘team’ and ‘gratitude’ are three key themes explored as part of the Beyond Boundaries program.

Year 10 Camp

Students in Year 10 have an opt-in program that builds on their experiences in Year 7 & 8. The programmes are designed with the same purpose as the Year 9 Beyond Boundaries experiences. With an emphasis on choice, themes of independence, self management, character strengths, resilience, flexibility, mindfulness and gratitude are explored.

Specialist Experiences

Other Specialist opportunities are available at Toorak College such as Sports and Performing Arts Tours, Language and Cultural Exchanges to France, Germany and Japan, Community immersion trips and NASA Space camp.

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