At Toorak College you can learn without limitations or ceilings, you can stumble and understand we are behind you, you can be brave and push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you can be bold knowing that anything is possible and you can be yourself - proud of who you are.

As a leading school for 150 years, we are proud of our heritage, attuned to our changing world, and focused on ensuring an exceptional education for future generations.

Far from just a place of learning, education takes many forms for our students. Be it social development, moral development or cognitive development, the journey our students travel is complex, varied and completely individual.

Our school is dedicated to the holistic development of students and nurtures and supports their interests, empowering them through academic and personal growth so they thrive in their future. Small class sizes, innovative programs, quality teaching and state-of-the-art resources allow students the opportunity to achieve their best in whatever field they choose.

Toorak College graduates are recognised as well-rounded citizens who have the ability to embrace, adapt to, and lead change in this increasingly complex world. We provide an exceptional and balanced educational experience to ensure students are intellectually and emotionally prepared to live out their dreams within and beyond the school gates.

Kristy Kendall


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