Nestled on the Mornington Peninsula, Toorak's Junior School is a nurturing and supportive learning atmosphere that promotes personal and academic growth for all students.

Junior School

Wardle House

Affectionately known as Wardle House, our Junior School program lights the flame for lifelong learning that will continue to burn bright throughout their educational journey and beyond.


Every Student Shines

We are proud to offer a Junior School program that focuses on high quality education and the overall wellbeing of each and every child. Our small classes and individual care, as well as our endeavour to provide challenge and academic success for all students, is what sets us apart.

Personalised Education

Students are taken on a journey through an inquiry-based learning program that is centred around key concepts and questions for self-discovery. Based on the belief that all children are unique and will shine in various facets, we deliver an exceptional learning experience that is tailored to each individual.

High Quality Intentional Teaching

Our inquiry model is the foundation of our students' learning journey, and is complemented with an unwavering focus on the development of core skills in numeracy and literacy. Students use their skills in English, Mathematics and the Programme of Inquiry to extend their knowledge through innovative specialist classes, each taught by expert teachers in the field.

Igniting Passions

We expose our students to a diverse range of learning and co-curricular experiences from a young age so they can find their interests and passions with confidence. Junior School literacy and numeracy program is complemented by specialist classes in Creative Arts, STEM-X, Health & Wellbeing, Language & Cultural Appreciation, Performing Arts, Music and Physical Education. These classes run each week and are taught by specialist teachers in our state-of-the-art facilities purpose built for the teaching and learning of these disciplines.

With world-class campus facilities for all of the Junior School, our students are encouraged to pursue their dreams right from the start of their academic journey.

Pastoral Care

Our students feel their best both socially and emotionally when their wellbeing is a top priority. Each morning, our students delight in an array of mindfulness initiatives to enhance their physical, social, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

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