We are not here to replicate the world, we are here to challenge it
Kristy Kendall, Principal

Change Starts with Education

According to the 2022 Chief Executive Women (CEW) Senior Executive Census, it will take 100 years for women to hold at least 40% of all CEO positions in Australia's largest companies. We are here to change that statistic, because change starts with education.


Change Starts with Us

The progress on women reaching the most senior leadership roles in corporate Australia is going backwards. Women represent 60% of domestic students enrolled in University and yet, women hold just one in four executive leadership roles in Australia's top 300 companies.

We, at Toorak College, are here to change this statistic through our Project Shine curriculum, corporate partnerships, leadership and cadet programs.

Providing our students with opportunities to develop confidence and character to challenge and take action, we will close this gap.

How Toorak is Creating Change for Young Women

Student Futures


Toorak College believes in preparing future innovators, leaders and change makers. Through our Project Shine Curriculum we take students on a journey to maximise their potential and broaden their worldview from our Early Centre through to their Graduation in Year 12.

In Kindergarten and Pre-Prep we focus on expanding our young learners experiences through play-based design and technology activities.

When a young person enters our Early Learning Centre, they develop their sense of self, understanding of others and find their connection to the world around them.


Our qualified teachers promote creativity and play-based learning through explicit and implicit teaching, enabling our children to explore their surroundings and make independent discoveries.

Our Junior School program is based on the belief that being exposed to diverse learning experiences from a young age ensures that students learn to build confidence in themselves and the mastery they are developing, this includes learning to code through the Toorak College Design Thinking Framework. Working collaboratively, students design and create while developing important personal skills. Our programs foster social, emotional, and academic growth, encouraging students to engage meaningfully with each other, their teachers, and the environment.

The Senior School Agile Learning and Growth Mentoring program is personalised and advocates for real-world thinking, design making and future-focused learning so that students are readily prepared for their future. Students learn the coding language Python, engage in entrepreneurial pitching sessions with Enterprising Girls and participate in pilot programs as part of this curriculum.


Leadership opportunities are available at all year levels at Toorak College with Class Captain appointments starting from Prep. The Student Representative Council gives students a voice from Year 3 and provides an opportunity for our Junior students to work with their Senior peers to challenge and create change across our School.

Our Junior School Captains are appointed from our Year 6 cohort and act as leaders and representatives of our Wardle House student body, and our buddy program provides students from Year 3 - Year 5 with the opportunity to mentor their younger peers.

In our Senior School, we have a prefect body who have the opportunity to manage a diverse range of portfolios from Diversity & Inclusion to Sustainability to Community & Connections. Our prefects work alongside our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl to lead our School, drive aspiration and affect real change across challenging global issues. We also have Captains who represent a wide range of sports and co-curricular activities within our School including Rowing, Equestrian, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, The Arts and Debating.


Toorak College has been graduating strong, aspirational, determined and confident young women for decades. We are proud of our Collegian community and the connections they maintain with our School to provide mentorship, guidance and career opportunities for our Senior students.

From Year 10, our students are inducted into our Empower Network which provides mentoring opportunities with our volunteer Collegian community.

Read more about our how our Collegians are challenging, leading and creating change in the latest issue of The Elephant and our recent blog Women Who Inspire Us.

Student Futures

As part of our Specialist Futures program, we conduct a Morrisby Report for each student which comprises of a series of twelve tests that focus on identifying strengths, abilities and personal style. It builds a picture of an individual’s talents, potential and preferences, and provides students with a clearer understanding of the world of work when discussing career options and pathways beyond school. These career insights and inspiration help students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make their first career decisions.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are immersed in global endeavours, student pathways and career-driven opportunities to ensure they are confident in the dreams they pursue beyond our School gates.

Industry Partnerships

Toorak College's Pathways & Partnerships Program provides students with career insights and experiences through mentoring, networking, work experience, cadetships, and industry immersion excursions. Partnerships with STEM-focused companies such as The Downer Group, Cellcare, NAB, Seymour Whyte and Tesserent offer unique opportunities for students to gain real world experience and develop skills across Science, Technology, Design, Marketing, Engineering and Mathematics. The program has also secured placements for graduates in The Downer Group's Cadet program, guaranteeing employment at a project manager level upon completion of a relevant university degree.

By working closely with our industry partners, we are able to bring meaningful challenges into the classroom and give young women opportunities in industry learning.

To find out more about our partnerships please email us at partnerships@toorakc.vic.edu.au

Downer Cadetship Program

Toorak College is very proud to partner with Downer Group to offer students pathways into STEM based careers. The Toorak College and Downer Group Partnership has been designed to expose students to Engineering, Science and Sustainability pathways from Year 9, culminating in paid employment as a Downer Road Services Cadet throughout their university studies.


Investment in Infrastructure

Toorak College aims to ensure our students thrive in this challenging world. We have a long and proud tradition of investing in and renewing our infrastructure so that both current and future generations of students have world-class facilities in which to challenge, change and soar.

There is nothing more important to us than empowering our students to have access to opportunities and resources so they can pursue their passions and influence the direction of social change, nationally and internationally.

The launch of our new Community and Arts Precinct will provide the launching pad for our future leaders, our future performers, our future entrepreneurs and our future global citizens. This is where the legendary Toorak Spirit will take flight.

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