Wellbeing Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

Self Advocacy | What it is and why it is important

Self advocacy is the ability to speak up for yourself and others. It is an important life skill that we must teach our young people so that they can thrive in all aspects of their lives. It has positive benefits in relation to developing independent and self confident individuals who are self aware, able to make informed decisions and clearly communicate with others. As we support young people to understand and develop their point of view so that they have the confidence to advocate for…

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Wellbeing Tuesday, 13 Feb 2024

Empowering high school students through self advocacy

In the dynamic landscape of education, preparing students for life after high school goes beyond traditional academics. One crucial aspect, often overlooked, is equipping students with the essential skill of self-advocacy. Led by Fiona Wines, head of senior school and deputy principal, this blog delves into the essence of self-advocacy for high school students, why it's important, and how parents and educators can support students in learning to advocate for themselves. The foundation of self…

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