Paving the Way with Pre-Secured Cadetships and Dynamic Industry Partnerships

At Toorak College, we recognise the need for a dynamic approach to learning, exposing students to real world experience and industry pathways. We are proud to announce the ATAR results of our 2023 Year 12 cohort, with 22% of our students achieving ATARs over 95, placing them in the top 5% of Australia, and 37% of students achieving an ATAR over 90. This impressive accomplishment cements our place as the top performing school on the Mornington Peninsula. To complement the academic success of this year, students received 43 early offers to study at 7 different universities and 3 students received cadetships with our industry partners, even before an exam was sat.

Recognising the importance of real-world experience, Toorak has forged alliances with leading organisations across various industries including Downer, Cell Care Australia and Seymour Whyte. By fostering dynamic connections with industry leaders we not only equip our students with a competitive edge but also empower them with the skills, confidence, and networks necessary to thrive in their future careers and make a meaningful impact on the global landscape.

Futures Specialist, Coco Callanan shared her thoughts on the cadetship opportunities awarded this year - “I'm immensely proud to share that three of our exceptional students have embarked on exclusive Toorak College Cadetships with our esteemed industry partners. What's truly remarkable is that these students commenced this journey even before receiving their ATAR or university offers. This forward-thinking approach alleviates the pressure on our students, providing incredible opportunities aligned with their aspirations. It speaks volumes about our industry partners' holistic application process, valuing individual motivations, aspirations, and goals.The integration of industry exposure with secondary education signifies a pivotal transformation in the academic landscape. It's a game-changer bridging the gap between secondary education and the professional world. Our deepest gratitude extends to our exceptional industry partners whose unwavering support and collaborative efforts have paved the way for this innovative approach.”

At Toorak, we understand that every student's journey is unique, with twists and turns. For some, overcoming anxieties and exam pressures is a victory in itself. One of our Year 12 students, Kiara, reflects on the pivotal moment she decided to look at the ‘big picture’ and give her energy to the tasks that needed the most attention. “At the end of Year 12 it was big picture stuff, knowing I needed an 85 ATAR and could possibly achieve that, I learnt to let go and give into where I needed to put the most effort, so if that was writing three English essays in a week I had to do that and I would put aside the rest of the tasks, prioritising where I needed the most practice”. Kiara shared she was overjoyed when she saw this approach actually enabled her to achieve an ATAR of 96.65.

Kiara’s journey is not an uncommon one, however, her ability to work through the challenges and redirect her focus to areas requiring improvement is testament to the self-awareness, resilience and dedication developed during her school journey. Like the School's motto proudly states; ‘In Labore Quies’ work, lies true rest.

We congratulate all of this year’s graduating class and look forward to watching their journeys continue beyond our gates as they take to the world stage.

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