Get your popcorn ready, because the recent release of Disney's live action remake of Mulan is well worth watching! The highly anticipated drama and action blockbuster has been commended by critics and viewers for its epic portrayal of Mulan who teaches us to be fearless, persistent and resourceful like her. What's better is you can stream Mulan from the comfort of your home thanks to Disney+.

The original animated film has continued to be a hit amongst fans since its debut in 1998, particularly for it’s themes surrounding female empowerment, and being a standout film challenging traditional Disney princess storylines. Whether it be her ability to persevere when times get tough, strive for independence, and stand up for what she believes in, Mulan is a compelling film for everyone to watch.

Here’s why Mulan is a fearless woman, and you can be too!

*Warning- spoiler alerts below*

1. Mulan is fearless

Mulan is an admirable and inspiring female protagonist. Not only do we witness her bravery when she decides to fulfil the duty of her ageing father in the Chinese army, but also when she continues to dare to make a difference despite odds stacked against her. Mulan displays a fierce determination to rise to any challenge with courage, even when she has every right to be scared. An article from Oh My Disney says, “Mulan goes into this ridiculously intimidating situation knowing absolutely nothing about how to fight or protect herself. She leaves it as a super-fierce warrior who has the trust of her peers. We’d call that a win.” When Mulan is faced with adversity, she learns how to overcome it in order to rise up and thrive. She is a fearless warrior

2. She is self-aware and believes in herself

Throughout the film, Mulan is reflective on her decisions, and is in tune with how she feels. What is so admirable about this is that she learns to accept her vulnerabilities, and understand them to move forward. Critic review from Movie Quotes And More says, “She is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential.” Here, we learn that vulnerability is a strength, not weakness. Vulnerability is a foundation for growth, and teaches us that we all need to lean into others for support and advice when we need it most and be in tune with ourselves. Through this process, Mulan is able to redefine her reality, discover her support network, and grow in self-belief.

3. She doesn't give up

Even in the face of failure and self-doubt, Mulan turns up and tries again, again and again. Mulan teaches a whole generation of girls to keep dreaming and striving even when times are hard. She teaches us to conquer obstacles head on and achieve exactly what we want to even through trial and error and learning from our mistakes. Mulan’s self-assured spirit, which is continually challenged and overcome, teaches us to bounce back, keep moving forward and to never give up!

4. She embraces her true self

The 2020 remake of Mulan highlights the power of being true to yourself, with Mulan only finding her inner strength when she embraces herself as a powerful woman, once she has done this she transcends to the top of the mountain surpassing her male-counterparts with ease. Mulan is a dynamic thinker who utilizes the resources around her to solve-problems. By thinking creatively, Mulan is able to transcend obstacles in productive ways which puts her one step ahead of everyone else.

5. She challenges the world

Unlike other Disney princesses, Mulan doesn't need to be rescued, or wait on a prince. She is her own hero. Mulan sees inequality and calls it out. At the beginning of the film, Mulan visits a matchmaker to seek what qualities she has for a potential suitor. She is told she is, “Quiet. Composed. Graceful. Disciplined.” However, Mulan does the exact opposite of what is expected of her. Instead, she demonstrates that she is ready to fight for what she believes in, pushes the boundaries and bravely breaks free from traditional gender roles. She takes a bold stance on her position within her world and follows through her determination to overcome this by trading her dress for amour and a sword. She rather describes herself as, “Loyal. Brave. And true.”, as well as harnessing her feminine qualities of composure and discipline in a renewed way.

Mulan is the role model we need; to remind all girls to continue to be bold, speak up and challenge their world. She is tenacious, creative, ambitious, and independent. The statement from Mulan in the new film, “Here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us”, connects to all viewers, particularly females, who wish to challenge their world and be trailblazers in the way they lead their lives.

Although the live-action storyline differs from the original, the lessons of bravery, motivation and female strength from 2020 Mulan are equally as valuable. Mulan is a powerful female character and the striking cinematic film will have you hooked.

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