Continuing to support student academic and personal growth, this year Toorak College introduced a new Year 10 subject called Agile. During Term 2 in Agile, students have the opportunity to further develop their transferable skill set through a Micro-credential.

Spanning across CPR qualifications, mental health training, hacking courses and more, students have the opportunity to leverage a transferable skill which will assist them in scoring their first job or simply adding to their resume.

Micro-Credentials available to students

CPR Qualification:

Students have the opportunity to learn the life-saving skills and knowledge required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Teen Mental Health First Aid:

With the rise in teen mental health incidents, this course equips secondary age students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognise, understand and respond to a friend or peer experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

Hacker Course:

Recently announcing our latest corporate partnership with Tesserent, this mini course is an extension of the cybersecurity awareness course. Over two practical sessions students are taught both defensive and offensive cyber security tactics. Additionally, students will explore the industry, be exposed to security operations, and understand the threat landscape, threat intelligence and other key areas such as network security, endpoint security, physical security, cloud computing and industry response.

Barista Course:

For students interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, or thinking about their first casual job, the barista course instils a solid understanding of the coffee menu, espresso theory, executing correct techniques and learning how to steam and pour a high quality milk beverage. Students also undertake the ‘Do Food Safely’ online food handlers course provided by the Victorian Government that enables them to work safely with and handle food in commercial settings.

Entrepreneurial Activity:

For those with a flare for creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset, this activity allows students to design and create a range of products to sell at a market stall. Students are given a range of materials, developing products, including items such as jewellery pieces and hair accessories. Students then collaborate to develop a marketing plan, ensuring they can successfully sell their products and donate all proceeds to a charity of their choice.

Sports Training: Community Coaching Course:

For students with a passion for community & sports, this course helps coaches to create fun, safe and inclusive environments for participants. This online training course includes 8 different modules: Safeguarding in sport, who you coach, where you coach, what you coach, how you connect, how you engage, how you deliver and how you improve. The Australian Sports Commission and Sport Integrity Australia have partnered together to build out parts of this course to equip coaches with the knowledge, confidence and essential skills required to deliver effective coaching.

With these invaluable skills, Toorak College is empowering students to confidently step into their first professional role, equipping them with the practical expertise necessary to navigate their chosen career paths with ease and success.

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