Student Leadership

Junior School

A variety of roles and responsibilities are available across our Junior School to support and promote the development of student leadership skills. In light of our commitment to equity through a distributive leadership model, students have the opportunity to hold one leadership position at a time.

Formally, these include:

  • Class Captains at each year level (changed each term)
  • Student Representative Council (SRC) - yearly position, Years 3 to 6
  • House Co-Captains (Gold, Blue and Red - Semester Positions)
  • Art Captains (2 x yearly positions)
  • Chess Captains ( 1 x Year 5, 1 x Year 6)
  • Music Captain/s

In addition, all children have the opportunity to lead initiatives - fundraisers, clubs at lunchtime, assembly presentations - by either taking their ideas to the SRC or by filling out an application form and meeting with the Head of Wardle House. We have had so many students develop their social conscience in this manner.

Our Year 6 shared-leadership model gives every student the opportunity to participate and take responsibility as Junior School Leaders. Students are supported in their roles with an extensive preparation program including participation in the inspirational Courage and Leadership conference and encouraged to continue to nominate for positions on the Student Representative Council (SRC) once they reach Senior School.

Senior School

In our Senior School, we believe that all girls should aspire to be leaders and all are encouraged and supported in their endeavour to achieve this. Leadership at Toorak College is embodied in the following qualities and skills: leadership by example, integrity, honesty, determination, selflessness, humility and a strong work ethic.

Our Senior School Prefects are important figureheads and are elected through a combination of peer and staff voting. The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl run the Student Representative Council and act as a conduit between senior staff and students.

A sub-committee of Prefects oversee a range of Portfolios:

  • Leadership
  • Community Events
  • Social Justice
  • Sports
  • Public Relations
  • The Arts
  • House
  • Student Life

House Prefects

Girls in Year 12 have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the Houses, in which they are the most senior students, allowing them to hone their leadership skills. Each house has a House Captain, and two Deputies, mirroring the leadership positions in the school. The girls also lead House competitions, such as inter-house sporting competitions and House Music, House Drama and Variety, which they direct, choreograph, and rehearse themselves.

Sports Captains

Each of our sports teams elects a Captain and Vice Captain to lead our representative teams in inter-school competition and recognises leadership, outstanding achievement and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Our Student Representative Council is an important part of our whole-school leadership development program. Students are encouraged to nominate for year-level leadership roles as part of their growth, development and contribution to school life. SRC representatives play a vital role as trusted conduits between students, staff and the broader school community.

Tutorial Leaders

Our comprehensive Tutorial Leader system provides students with supportive networks to assist their learning and wellbeing throughout their Senior School years. Designed by our Heads of Years and our specialist Tutors, this year-to-year program fosters communication, friendship groups and helps build strong connections with peers as students move through the challenges of each year.

Tutorial groups elect a tutorial leader who liaises closely with their Tutor and Head of Year. They are actively involved in organising tutorial and year level activities, and provides a key voice in communication with the girls of that year.

Participation in tutorial groups encourages leadership and collegiate responsibility to pursue other leadership roles within the school community.

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