The Arts

Performing Arts 

At Toorak College, we believe that performance provides opportunity for self-expression, self-discovery and reflection. We provide our students with the opportunity to perform throughout the year in an open, supportive environment. Performing to an audience enables our students to explore their creative selves, build confidence and shine, which compliments other areas of their academic studies.


Our students when studying Drama are encouraged to use their imaginations, explore their passion and develop robust communication skills. Our drama performance calendar gives Toorak College students many opportunities to perform throughout the year. Highlights include our Junior School Musical Theatre production, our contemporary Senior School theatrical experiences, and the Toorak College musical where students have the opportunity to combine their musical and dramatic talents.


At Toorak, we enjoy catering to students who have a passion for Dance. We have an extensive selection of Dance programs our students can be involved in. From our competition dancers through to our inclusive Dance Performance productions, we cater for all levels and abilities. We provide opportunities for our dancers to attend workshops and visit professional dance performances to help further foster their interest in dance. 

Performance opportunities include:

  • Year 6 Musical Theatre production
  • Dance Project - Wardle House to Year 12
  • Year 7 and 8 theatrical performance
  • Year 5 to 12 competition dance program
  • Year 9 to 12 theatrical performance
  • Year 8 performance evenings
  • VCE Drama and Dance performance evenings
  • Toorak College Musical Theatre production
  • Small group performances for various School events 
  • House Drama, Variety and House Dance Competitions.

Toorak Academy of Performing Arts

We were excited to announce the launch of Toorak Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA) in 2019. Students can develop skills, technique, confidence and a love of performing while learning from trained industry professionals. These classes are run on site, after school hours.

  • Classical Ballet
  • Contemporary 
  • Jazz
  • Musical Theatre
  • Drama

Visual Arts

The Arts building is the place where students come to develop their skills and expression through a range of different mediums. Whether it be 2D or 3D art, students are encouraged to explore, discover and then communicate their findings by developing their own artworks. 

The Art Club is a popular place to be at lunchtime. Here students can pursue their passion for creating art in a non-formal class setting with their peers. 

Toorak College artworks are regularly displayed in competitions and exhibitions including: Top Arts, Designs, Shots and Screens, the Moran Prize, Ilford Photographic Competition, Mornington Art Show and the Archibald and Silk Cut. 

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