House Spirit

The House system at Toorak College provides opportunities for student leadership and friendly competition in a range of sporting and academic activities. House events are an integral part of school life and are joyfully anticipated as students strive to give their best for their House.

Junior School Houses

Junior School students are assigned to either Red, Blue or Gold House.

Senior School Houses

Senior School students are assigned to one of six Houses from Year 7 onwards:

CeruttyBlue / WhiteNamed after the School’s tenth Principal, Miss Dorothea Cerutty.
DouglasRed / GoldNamed after one of the bordering streets in Toorak where the School was originally located.
HamiltonBlue / GoldNamed after former co-principals, Miss Isabel Hamilton and Miss Robina Hamilton from 1907 to 1936.
MayfieldRed / BlueNamed after one of the streets in Toorak where the School was originally located.
PyeGreen / GoldIntroduced in 1955, named after former Principal, Miss Ellen Pye.
TrippRed / WhiteNamed in memory of the School’s third Principal, Miss Margaret Tripp.

The History of the Houses

Toorak College’s Senior House System was established by co-Principals Misses Isabel and Robina Hamilton in the mid 1920s around the time the school relocated from Toorak to Mt Eliza. The Hamilton sisters encouraged respect and responsibility to other students, a commitment to school work and good conduct, all of which earned points. Mindful of preserving the School’s heritage, House names were inspired by key people and places from the School’s earliest years.

Students were allotted to Douglas, Mayfield and Hamilton Houses. In 1948, Tripp House was established for day girls. As the numbers of day girls grew, Pye House was formed in 1955. The original three Houses remained for boarders until 1962 when boarders and day girls were integrated into each of the Houses. In 1984, Cerutty House was established.

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