Senior School

Our aim is that every Toorak girl can discover and pursue her dreams. She will have an inner belief in herself that through hard work and determination she can achieve anything.

At Toorak College, we are advocates for girls’ education, yet we understand that the world does not cater to a single gender. We do not seek to replicate the world, we seek to challenge it, by offering our students an environment that enables them to focus on achieving their personal best, whilst also discovering their passions.

Ranked as one of the leading Mornington Peninsula secondary schools, we develop agile learners who are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workplace with confidence. Through Project Illuminate and Project Radiate, we foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem solving.

Our academic program is delivered through innovative and collaborative teaching. Our students thrive in small classes where our dedicated teachers encourage them to discover, grow, and unlock their individual passions and strengths.

We believe that for students to achieve their academic best, they must also mentally and physically be at their best too. Through our daily wellbeing program, a range of co-curricular opportunitieshouse program, leadership opportunities, and community engagement programs, a focus on respect and kindness for oneself and for others is embraced.

In Years 7-9, our Senior students commence Project Illuminate. After exposure to a broad range of subjects and co-curricular opportunities through Project Ignite, students now bring together their learnings and apply their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. 

Through Project Illuminate, girls develop skills such as critical thinking, complex information processing, design thinking, collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, empathy and resilience. Through these years, they begin to understand what is truly meaningful to them and start to define their future ambition.

With direct instruction and exposure to a range of subject offerings in English, Mathematics, Science, Language, Health, Humanities and the Arts, Project Illuminate uses these ever-developing foundations to extend all our learners through three key programs:

Our Senior Years program, Project Radiate, is designed to allow our students to do just that, let their light be seen and project into the future that awaits them. Our students graduate ready for the world beyond school with confidence, diverse skills and a head start.

Alongside a VCE offering that has a high global reputation due to its breadth, rigour, and results, Project Radiate ensures our girls are well prepared for the future career pathways. 

Project Radiate not only equips Toorak College graduates for life beyond school, it allows them to experience it. This in turn, helps our graduates make better choices and find the fusion of where potential, passion and curiosity meet. 

Project Radiate ensures our students are informed and connected through three distinct resources:

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Cta 2 Toorak College House