Student Care


Health and wellbeing is integral to all that we do at Toorak College.  

We recognise that for students to achieve their best academically, they must be provided with the opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to optimise their personal growth.

Our health and wellbeing initiatives enable students to interact positively with others, to set and achieve positive goals and make responsible decisions, to be able to cope with the challenges presented to them and to enhance their physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

In the Junior School, students participate in daily activities that focus on specific aspects of health and wellbeing, from physical activity to practising mindfulness, kindness, empathy and gratitude. 

As students gain greater independence and enter Senior School, they track and monitor their own personal growth and development via the Flourishing program, where they set their own health and wellbeing goals and are provided with support and guidance in how they work towards these goals.

Our team of qualified staff and teachers are always there to assist students with particular needs and we work in partnership with parents to provide personalised programs of support. Clear and active communication structures also ensure issues and concerns are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. The wellbeing of our students is supported by the School’s Psychologist, Nurses, Deputy Head of Senior School - Personal Growth, and teachers.

Wellness Centre

Our Wellness Centre houses our School Nurses, Psychologist, a communal meeting space and is located close to the Chapel, linking these important services. The Wellness Centre provides a safe space for students to see their physical and mental health and wellbeing as interrelated and provide support to overall health management.

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