Education Monday, 22 Jan 2024

Bringing Corporate To The Classroom

To bridge the gap between school and the professional world, it's important to equip students with essential skills and information needed in their future careers and the world of work . Building the foundation for good professional networking skills starts in school, and in this article, Toorak College's Futures Specialist Coco Callanan shares networking tips to help build relationships beyond the classroom, expand your network and prepare for life post graduation. Networking as an opportunity…

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Student Futures Thursday, 01 Sept 2022

Careers of the Future

Advice for students taking their first career steps What will the workplace look like when our Junior School students turn 18 in 2030? Will university still exist? Will robots be doing our work? The short answer is - we don’t really know. What we do know is our students are planning their careers in a tumultuous landscape, unseen by previous generations, thanks to advances in technology and globalisation. Our grandparents prioritised job stability and prestige when deciding upon a career. To…

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