Education Tuesday, 13 Feb 2024

Beyond the ATAR – should we scrap the ATAR system?

Conversation around the benefits and potential disadvantages of the ATAR system (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is one of the most contested in the Australian education landscape. With so much debate around the merit of the ATAR and its purpose in education due to its inability to view a student in a holistic way,, we're left with the question: should the ATAR system go? In this article, Brendan Fordham, Head of Student Programs at Toorak College, discusses the relevance of the ATAR system…

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Education Monday, 12 Feb 2024

Unlocking student potential: Learning how to learn

Unlocking the potential of students is a crucial aspect of their academic journey. Melissa Schoorman, the Head of Wardle House and Deputy Principal, shares insights into the importance of learning how to learn. In this exploration, we delve into the strategies employed in Wardle House to empower students with the skills necessary for maximising learning outcomes and unlocking students’ potential. The foundation: Learning how to learn Understanding the process of learning is foundational in a…

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Education Monday, 22 Jan 2024

Bringing Corporate To The Classroom

To bridge the gap between school and the professional world, it's important to equip students with essential skills and information needed in their future careers and the world of work . Building the foundation for good professional networking skills starts in school, and in this article, Toorak College's Futures Specialist Coco Callanan shares networking tips to help build relationships beyond the classroom, expand your network and prepare for life post graduation. Networking as an opportunity…

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Education Monday, 24 July 2023

How to Prepare Your Child for Scholarships

The Path to Scholarships - A Guide for Parents Q - Should my child sit for a scholarship at a school? A - Sitting for a scholarship is a really personal choice and it comes down to what you are hoping to achieve. A scholarship may increase the school options available to you, making some schools more accessible to more families. Other families may want to sit them as a means of gaining more external data on their child’s progress, increasing the ability to target focus areas. Some families may…

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Education Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023

The ATAR Debate. Do Australian Students Still Need It ?

Should the ATAR stay or go? How challenging traditional methods of reporting will open real industry pathways for students. I commenced my teaching career in 2000, at the beginning of the century (that sounds both momentous and frightening simultaneously). This time not only marked the beginning of my career but also a time of change in the world, where the students I taught learnt the meaning of the word terrorism through world events and not just fictional texts. With any kind of change it…

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Education Thursday, 03 Nov 2022

Benefits of an All Girls Education

Inspire the next generation with an all girls' approach They say, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’. At Toorak College, we firmly believe that change is driven by challenge, and this holds true for the world we inhabit. While significant strides have been made toward gender equality in recent decades, our world still grapples with gender disparities. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, men, on average, earn $263.90 more per week than women. In light of…

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Education Monday, 17 Oct 2022

5 Effective Study Habits For Students

Set your child up for success with these 5 study habits. As we approach the end of the year, students have an opportunity to really show their teachers, and themselves, what they can achieve academically. To do this successfully, students have to prepare for the occasion. To assist your child with developing healthy and successful study habits, it is important to check in with them to understand their goals and to ensure they have set themselves up for success. Research suggests that many…

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Education Friday, 01 July 2022

The Importance of Choosing The Right Primary School

Over the last couple of years children have been required to navigate the challenges of learning across two varied environments, both at home and in the classroom, and this experience looked different from school to school. UNICEF discovered that globally, more than 1.6 billion children have suffered some loss of education in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made choosing the right school for your child more important than ever. Parents want to give their child the…

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