Junior School Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023

The Importance of Transition From Primary to High School

The Importance of Successful Transition to High School At the beginning of a school year, students, parents and educators alike, have a large focus on transition. We understand the importance of transition for two important reasons: A successful transition to high school instils self-confidence and develops social competence, which allows for new connections and friendships to be forged, and it enables new beginnings to be created, allowing for goals and plans to be made that direct a young…

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Junior School Thursday, 01 Sept 2022

The harmonious relationship between music and literacy

Learning a musical instrument enhances our junior students’ literacy skills We are introduced to music and singing right from the start of life and we use music to process stories, language and rhythm. Singing also strengthens neural connections for reading. If a child can hear it, they can say and sing it, and then read it and use it in more advanced written and spoken language. According to The Music Advantage, “It is easier to hear nuances in song because the rhythm is slower than speech and…

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Senior School Friday, 01 July 2022

10 Questions To Ask At School Open Days

Attending a school tour? Here are 10 important questions to ask at school open days, to support you in making the best decision for your child’s education. Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision that every family faces. There are many aspects to a child's education, so where do you start? To find a school that is the best fit for your child, attending a school open day is a good way to start the research process. Open days provide you with the opportunity to start…

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