Parenting Wednesday, 07 Dec 2022

Top 7 Parent Tips For Returning to School

How to support your child’s return to school As we prepare our children for the return to school, while it is a very exciting time for many, for some it can bring with it feelings of unease, uncertainty and trepidation. Those butterflies in the stomach are completely normal as we face challenges or change, and it is important to work with those feelings, not against them. Whether it be concerns around starting a new school, a desire to explore new friendship circles or being away from parents…

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Raising Boys and Raising Girls: 5 key takeaways from Steve Biddulph

This week, Toorak College welcomed best-selling Australian author and psychologist Steve Biddulph to speak as part of our Wellbeing Information Series, The Loop. Recognised globally for his work on parenting, Steve’s Raising Girls and Raising Boys talks were informative, charming, heartfelt, and oh so relatable! Over two nights, Steve shared his wealth of professional experience and expertise to an audience that were captivated by every word. As a mother of a young boy and twin girls, here…

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