Toorak College Named On The Educator's Innovative Schools List

Toorak College is pleased to announce that we have been named on The Educator Innovative Schools list for 2020. This list reveals the top fifty schools across Australia making the most profound and exciting impact in education and recognises the initiatives, technology and methods of teaching and learning that are moving the education industry forward.

Our 2020 award recognises our unique Project Shine program, designed to take our students on a journey that allows them to truly capitalise on their potential, expand their world view and find their place within it.  Equally, we are incredibly proud to support the innovations of our staff within the school as they continue to design new programs that are student-centred and future-focused.

As part of our Project Shine initiative, Toorak staff designed and developed two new subjects for students in Years 7 & 8 that are focused on broadening the minds of students and equipping them with essential skills required for the future. 

Agile Learning focuses on preparing students to work in a flexible, collaborative manner with outstanding communication, critical and creative thinking skills. Taught through a series of workshop-style lessons, students work collaboratively to address driving questions surrounding termbase themes such as the Power of UX, Social Entrepreneurship, Designing for the Times and Opportunity & Action. Students are introduced to the Toorak College design thinking process and this process guides them to emphasise, investigate, ideate, prototype and present ideas, while constantly considering and refining their work.

Growth Mentoring follows the principle that learning, like all other skills, needs to be explicitly taught. Focused on the individual, teachers act as mentors and take students through lessons on cognitive psychology, organisation, goal setting and how to analyse their learning data. By ‘learning how to learn’, students are exposed to the science of how the brain works, including the power of memory, the forgetting curve, the importance of sleep, exercise and motivation and can leverage their newfound knowledge and skills across their academic program.