Early Learning Monday, 09 Oct 2023

Developing Mindfulness in our ELC

The Positive Impact of Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork on Young Students In our Early Learning Centre, students are busy learning the masterful craft of yoga and breathwork. Incorporating yoga, mindfulness and breathwork into our curriculum from a young age can be extremely beneficial, having a positive impact on children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. Self Regulation through Breathwork Each week, our ELC children settle into practice with a breathing exercise. This…

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Education Friday, 01 July 2022

Guide to Choosing Primary Schools | Toorak College

Parents want to give their children the best opportunities to set them up for their future, so every education decision is an important one. Right from the beginning, choosing a primary school is the first step in laying a secure educational foundation, but where do you start? We’ve created a guide to help families navigate these intricate decisions, including our tips for how to choose a primary school in Melbourne, the significance of early education and our tips for creating a cohesive and…

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